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  • split29_2005 split29_2005 Dec 9, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    Every board has its feddie...

    From the AMRN board, some guy named ticktack says:

    START quote

    Can you even imagine what a nightmare his life must be?

    I can see Kolemup with multiple windows open, all signed in to different board names, posting away on yahoo as if he would have any effect on share price.

    We know these things:
    1. He lives alone
    2. He abuses alcohol
    3. His room is a complete mess
    4. He keeps a list of his fake board names handy so he can access them as needed
    5. Nobody likes him, not even his relatives
    6. He is nearly a "shut-in"
    7. He is a hoarder
    8. He is very lazy and overweight but most of that can be blamed on his depression
    9. He currently has credit card companies calling him looking for their money

    END Quote

    Why, those are all the things we know about coldie-feddie-geier!
    As well, he works at a burger joint drive-through, he eats scads of Krispy Kremes, and he attends a baggie tree house party every Friday night after market close. He used to have a well-drooled upon Bartz-in-a-bikini poster but I think he has replaced it with some sort of Marissa objet d'art that he gathered from her trash during a late night stalking episode.

    Oh, and he's singing "YHOO to $20" for the fourth or fifth year in a row, still off key.

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