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  • richardc892000 richardc892000 Dec 11, 2012 4:04 PM Flag

    Stock manipulation by share buyback illegal?

    Both yesterday and today Yahoo was about to crash at the end of the day. This would have constituted a technical break down that would have caused the stock to crash. But it looks like Yahoo steps in and buys a bunch of shares and pushes the stock up and thus artificially pumps the stock through these break downs and makes the stock look strong to technicians. This is not that ethical nor is it sustainable and will result in a massive stock price correction in the area of a $2 to $3 in one day. I hardly see the point. A stock can not keep going up at this pace. I don't know why a CEO would want to trick shareholders into buying an artificially inflated stock.

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    • As I understand corporate buybacks, they can "not" participate at the opening or after 3:30 pm!
      During any one day, a company—together with affiliated purchasers (such as individuals involved in the decision to buy in stock)—can purchase or make bids through only one broker or dealer. For instance, the CFO cannot buy stock for his own account through a different broker.

      Neither the company nor affiliated purchasers can do the opening trade on that market that day; they are also forbidden from trading during the last half hour before the market's close.

      The company and affiliated purchasers can't bid at or settle at a purchase price that exceeds the highest current independent bid quote or the last independent sales price, whichever is higher

    • Hey Yahoo IS buying back shares, that is the reality. And many more will be bought back. Keep going a what pace?? YHOO's move up has been very slow and measured, especially considering how undervalued it is. Look at how far up AOL is these past six months. YHOO move up is just starting and it will have much bigger up days ( 50 cents or even a buck) as it gets past $20.

    • You sound like a complete idiot . Your assumptions should be reported to the SEC , so that they can throw you out on your rear-end which has your head stuck-up it . Never heard anything as stupid .

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    • Dumb, da dumb dumb.

    • What also shortie, how much you loss today and yesterday.

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    • you pretty much are dense, naive, and do not understand how buybacks work, nor how stocks trade. have you considered selling cars as an alternative?

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