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  • basketaetc1 basketaetc1 Dec 27, 2012 10:13 PM Flag

    Hugh - couldn't reply on thread - what a surprise!


    I was able to read your post to me & then it disappeared so I couldn't reply in the thread.

    The 10Q from June 30 shows it as 42%. Yes you are right about dilution. I was just reading the agreement. Yes the % always seemed to be fluctuating. When they were signing the agreement Morse kept saying 40% - and I was always thinking what happened to the extra 3 or 4 %. Regardless, Yahoo! has 523.5 million shrs remaining.

    I was reading Eric Jackson's article from mid-November regarding the value of the AG IPO in early 2013 vs late 2013. I did try to post it on another thread but of course it posted & then disappeared. Anyway according to his numbers, a late 2013
    IPO could value it around $78 B.

    I read Kara Swisher's piece tonight. I know she is extremely plugged in to the valley, & her sources are great, but when Jack Ma is involved - I don't know he is a sly one.There has been quite a lot written from various sources about a 2013 AG IPO. I think the memo was "leaked" by mistake about as much as I believe that Apple keeps forgetting their prototypes in cafes.

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    • Basket- I have no idea why my posts to you have suddenly disappeared as they were genuine conversations pertaining to Yahoo, a rarity in these parts. I was going with what their earning slides said vs. the 10-K. When giving my theoretical example on Yahoo, I went with $70B for the IPO and I think $150B for the last stake then figured in 35% for taxes on that and Yahoo Japan makes it quite difficult for the stock to double from here for example on the core alone with 1.2B shares outstanding. I agree on Apple as they're guerilla marketing experts as their advertising is like 1/100th that of Google and Microsoft or something. Morse should have negotiated a way for Yahoo shareholders to either get shares at a discount at say a $50B valuation or Yahoo sells those additional shares giving a dividend. I'm sure shareholders would have jumped in a heartbeat for those AG shares. Those holding in Yahoo would be out the AG shares but have cash up front. I say a conversion of shares cause the taxes of AG and Yahoo Japan is like $8 per share not including repatriation taxes in my example.

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