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  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 2, 2013 5:44 PM Flag

    Hotmodel, doth protest too much! Clearly you are losing lots of money and are.....

    ....very angry about missing YHOO's move up. Actually I only read the first 1/4 of your long post to realize what drivel it was and how hurting you are.

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    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha you're hilarious even if mentally wacko with that Dariencat ID, which was the one I was replying to btw. Ever since I've sold I've literally posted 15-20X's in a MONTH...most days its ONE post and nothing even on the weekends either. If not for the conversing with Basket, last week, I'd be around 10 posts. You on other hand made MORE topics today then I've made POSTS. I'm sorry you can't read but you're not very intelligent anyway as you believe in "paid bashers", I'm short, have more than 1ID(ZERO PROOF to either), can't explain "synergy", don't know where Yahoo Investor Relations are located, think Yahoo is owed BILLIONS from FB and such a loser you use Dariencat to give you a thumbs up. The LIED ABOUT HAVING!!! Hotmodel doth laughs his #$%$ off too much!!! You make more topics worshipping me than Coldone does it seems but at least his lies are more entertaining as yours are just weak and dumb.

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