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  • upyou_s upyou_s Jan 11, 2013 11:54 AM Flag

    The truth about Kara Swisher

    Kara Swisher discloses she married Google exec
    A disclosure statement is an odd place for a wedding announcement. But that is where conference organizer and AllThingsD blogger Kara Swisher has buried the news that she married her longtime partner, Google vice president Megan Smith, last night, before the passage of Proposition 8, California's gay marriage ban, made same-sex marriages illegal once more. (The couple had had previous ceremonies — including, while we're disclosing things, one that I attended — but this was the first one that was a legal marriage under California law.) This would be no one's business but their own, except for the fact that Swisher actively covers Google and its rivals.

    Despite the marriage, Swisher's disclosure statement still claims that Smith's wealth in Google shares is not Swishers' as well:

    A substantial amount of her income from Google is in shares and options , some of which she has sold and some of which she still holds. Megan makes all her own decisions related to these shares and options, and I do not own or control any of them.
    Swisher explains to me that Smith's Google shares are going solely to their kids through living trusts, an arrangement which predates their marriage.

    But really, does it matter? I've always felt that Swisher's claim that she doesn't own or control Megan's shares was a bit of a fudge on the real situation; Swisher and Smith share a house and raise children together, and their lives and fortunes are thereby entwined. And their relationship, whatever its legal status, will continue to raise eyebrows as long as Swisher covers the industry. Marriage won't change that. Nor, as much as Google executives, Smith included, might wish otherwise, will it soften Swisher's savage coverage of the company.

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    • That exposes Swisher's motive for bashing Yahoo.

    • Swisher benefits from her lesbian lover's fortune. Swisher needs to be investigated by the SEC for unfair reporting against Yahoo to boost Google's stock.

      • 3 Replies to tr420
      • Unfair reporting?bahahahahahahahaha Why cause she used REAL FACTS from COMSCORE???lol Gonna report me for using Yahoo Investor Relations as well? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know Yahoo's core has been in trouble for YEARS, hasn't had a turnaround and desperately needs a homerun. Every year it seems to be one thing...Widgets, then their magazine app Livestand, then Flickr and now its back to Widgets with Samsung again. None have taken the world by storm. As for Kara, she's never hidden the fact of her relationship, never abused her inside connections and has taken a higher ethical road then most. If her wife is loaded, say tens of millions or $100M+, then she'd retire wouldn't she? With all the public disclosure why would she risk it all(jail, end of writing career) to spite Yahoo? Google has been at all-time highs for sometime and doing quite well so to risk your very career over a few percentage points seems dumb to me...Kara doesn't seem dumb. Tell your stalking ID Nanotard that Dendreon was up .75 today to under $6...only need a 500%+ return to get back to his "hold" recommendation at $32!lmao

      • Swisher's motives are now clear and illegal.

      • I agree...there's so much manipulation with the so "called reporters" writing for their own interest to have a stocks go up or down, but, as you know the SEC is very slow going after the crooks.

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