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  • mewag51 mewag51 Jan 14, 2013 6:26 PM Flag

    The market does not seem to be too excited about the FB....

    ....announcement tomorrow or any YHOO connection.

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    • No matter how you see it, bad or good; turn it upside down, still, this deal is very, very positive to YHOO going forward.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • This deal? No matter how I or you see it there is no deal yet. However, I'll play your game and if its very positive to Yahoo going forward...what is it if your halucination does not materialize? Oh yeah...there's Alibaba, the new CEO, upgrades, Goldman target, Cramer saying buy buy buy, earnings, buyouts, buybacks. We can dream about those for a while and predict a sharp rise in the price. Until of course it goes down and the hopium wears off.

    • Thats because there isnt one. It only exists the minds of the longs here. Why would Facebook go with Yahoo who controls only 12% of search when they could go with Googe who controls almost 67%? Facebook doesn't need Yahoo. They could do it on their own.
      Yahoo stock took one peak above #20 and then ran for cover. Now the longs here who missed the opportunity to sell it up there are hanging ther hat on all these wishful thinking ideas that give them a share price of $25, $30, $40 and even $50. They will be disappointed ion the short term as the correction is underway and we are headed back below $18. Could we eventually climb to those often quted lofy levels? Sure. But in the mean time we are going to test the stamina of the longs on the downside. Not bearish mind you....just correction time.

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      • Thumbs up from me! I agree and while its POSSIBLE I think its unlikely. Yahoo doesn't have a search engine, market share has imploded from its 20% it did have, and the whole point of Bartz getting into bed was to get their hands on Facebook's massive data on its users. Now, announced last week, Facebook got their hands on all of Google's search query data through a 3rd party. I didn't see it anywhere in the patent lawsuit that Facebook must choose Yahoo so why not go it alone or make a sweetheart deal with MSFT, which owns 5%, to cover the back-end stuff and subsidize for a period of time?

      • Clearly you are a hotmodel/grey/gloom alias and various other ids he/she uses so you miss the point and only want to attack YHOO (which has cost you so much money and credibility) but my point was really about FB being down despite their big announcement tomorrow. As usuall your "facts" are deceitful (YHOO/Bing controls more like 28%) and specious as FB's whole point in search would be to go against GOOG and get some of their market share.

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