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  • optionstrader4u optionstrader4u Jan 18, 2013 3:33 PM Flag

    Yahoo will run between .75c and $1 dollar next week into earnings

    This OEX is a joke. I don't trade on it due to the fact that I fall asleep. Yahoo closes at 19.99 today. 130K contracts on the 20 call side. This is just a joke.

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • I agree!!! Its also skewed towards the big boys. I got an email from OptionMonster and Shahid, who sends it out, mentions someone bought tens of thousands of call options in CBS. He says that CBS was looking to sell its billboard advertising as more of a REIT. Literally the next day I get an email and CBS did exactly that netting that contract holder millions as it went from $38 to over $42.50, yesterday. Few other recommended trades are in AMAT, AIG, NSC and someone has made a $600K option bet in FB earnings at the $34 strike price as well.

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      • LMAO let me guess SoDumbKid is craving attention so trying to talk to me even though Nanotard is on IGNORE! Clearly you listen to every word I say and no, I didn't short at any point in time of this rise in Yahoo. I wrote puts, almost 6mos, ago, and like a long who likes money I cashed out. Sorry I can't say the same about any of your phantom buys or anything. You should be called No Nut Armstrong, after Lance, as you both seem to think quite highly of themselves suffering from a Napolean Complex. He's a're a liar! He craves crave attention. He's wealthy and you'll never be. Why did you create ANOTHER ID??? XwhydoIhavenolifeX or something like that huh? Funny thing is what I said ABOVE was from Shahid, the top trader along with the Najarians, at Optionmonster. I like trading idea's and if their Heatseeker comes across institutional buying then I'm going to join in. There is more like sector strength and pair trading since Wall St. books are neutral more or less but that requires you doing homework and you hate that...allergic to money afterall.

      • Hey it's Miss Yahoo is dead money at $15.80. Do you still think Yahoo was dead money at $15.80 hotmodel? You can't answer this question and you said to sell Yahoo from $11 to $19 when coldone told you to buy. Now do you see why no one cares what you think?

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