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  • ajblo ajblo Jan 24, 2013 6:18 PM Flag

    stock movement

    i have never witnessed so many cheerleaders in skirts than the bozos who post on this site for this stock. perhaps the most immature and least professional of any MB in existence. why not bring something of substance to the table rather than just BS, future stock p[rice, hype, buyout rumors, etc. bring on professional thoughts to which people can respond and a discussion could ensue. probably asking for too much from you ladies, i figure.

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    • Well said, and thank you for speaking your mind regarding childlike postings. It really would help everyone if people would conduct themselves in a professional manner vs all the inmature bs we seemingly have to tolerate. Thanks again.

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    • Gimme a Y! Gimme an A! ...

      First of all, your post doesn't really add much more substance than the mindless cheerleading. But aside that, I'd love to talk about something of substance. What'cha think we should talk about? Here's a serious question for you:

      Do you think that YHOO is fundamentally undervalued, especially in relation to its peers, based on the value of cash on hand in addition to the various international investments and core "media/products" business?

      What do you think, after the dust has settled from all of the scheduled buybacks, YHOO is worth on a per share basis?

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      • unlike many of the mindless fools and the cheerleaders who seemingly know all, i am not that omniscient to know the value of the shares of this company. i trade options, anywhere from 20 to more than 100 per day, and i spread, and i minimize risk, i look at the charts, i look at volatility and the greeks, and buy undervalued and sell overvalued. a couple days ago it was clearly a buy when a gap was almost 100% filled-close enough for me. i watch order flow. bottom line is trading the technicals and the valuations of the derivative is far more fruitful than figuring worth. i do take long and short biases based on these factoids and others such as the overall market. with this company the micros are far more important than the market macros, but one cannot lose sight of the latter as 70% + of all stocks go the direction of the market. good luck. hope the stock goes in the direction that you want.

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