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  • firsttestcase firsttestcase Jan 29, 2013 5:08 PM Flag

    Shares repurchased (1.6 billion!!! $ worth in 4Q)

    FYI - from the Quarterly report: "During the fourth quarter of 2012, Yahoo! repurchased 80 million shares for $1.5 billion. During the year ended December 31, 2012, Yahoo! repurchased 126 million shares for $2.2 billion."

    I watched a bunch of trash talk on CNBC today by idiot analysts (where to they find those idiots). They only take the time to almost know the P/E and don't seem to know the growing value of Yahoo equity in Asia. Hey guys that is money....or can you add the value of two or more types of assets together to define a net value...oh, you mean you forgot about those parts of yahoo holdings.

    Then I read some of the misleading garbage messages on this MB. It would appear that the objective of all the talking heads and lots of folks attracted to this MB is to obfuscate the reality that Yahoo's net value is growing. Hey growth can occur in lots of ways.....they also seem to completely miss the potential upside if Yahoo gets its core moving (very little of its current price is related to its core...which keeps making money).

    Finally, we all would like to see relative growth compared with GOOG and FB....but, consider the fact that the whole of the industry is still growing and they still have a strong footprint in a growing industry. If they can articulate an elegant architecture (see the CEOs Bloomberg interview) then they have a huge upside (they have a boat load of patents to protect their investment and partnerships that have value. If they can pull this off then the sky is the limit....

    I am buying under 20. My thought is that there are so many talking heads wanting a pull back of the overall market that I will sit on cash until they get the pull back. I expect yahoo to be pulled down with the tide....and I will buy as much as I can!!!!!

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    • Talking heads are bias towards "Everything is bad". This is really noise. After the dust settle, we will slowly resume the trend towards $23 in April. I say the forecast was the trigger to the sell-out, but then the stock readjusted immediately, so most of the talking heads can not say sell, given that now is attractive again.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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