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  • rlday2010 rlday2010 Jan 31, 2013 1:14 PM Flag


    Finally! Eric Jackson (Forbes) wrote a really nice article about Yahoo! The bears (naysayers) have been overly critical of MM and the company's direction since the recent earnings report. Frankly, they have been no different than unbridled carnival barkers, bad-mouthing any and everything, so finally we have a positive article. I encourage everyone to read it.

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    • In the article, Jackson offers the thesis that Marissa is 'sandbagging' the numbers for 2013.
      Really??? That's the investment thesis. Maybe Marissa doesn't have any idea what the numbers will be, just like her predecessors.

      Sentiment: Sell

    • It's by Eric Jackson so it is garbage.

      He hasn't posted on this board lately, most likely because he was tired of me telling him how incompetent his analysis of Yahoo was/is.

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      • I agree it wasn't a very good article as it was very high on opinion but little on value. He doesn't really touch on earnings, only mentions that it should be compared to AOL and whining that it isn't. He spends the 1st 1/3rd of the article telling us how wonderful Marissa is and how she's going to fix 1. search 2. display 3. mobile when she will tell us how in the FUTURE! That's like me asking are you getting a 200ft. yacht or 220ft when you haven't made your first billion yet. Yes, that is some HUGE concern if she doesn't have a strategy to fix search, display and mobile. Bartz didn't have a strategy for 3yrs and we all know how that turned out. Perhaps he is right that Yahoo is sandbagging a little cause it'd be sad to guide down for the year when global online advertising is to grow 15.1%

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