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  • thetoadtimes thetoadtimes Feb 1, 2013 10:58 AM Flag

    Why Apple Should Buy Yahoo!

    There are endless possible acquisition targets that investment bankers can dream up for Apple to buy. Facebook and Twitter are probably the sexiest names. They also clearly would help build out Apple’s skills in social Web stuff, where Ping is the most obvious example of where they have failed to connect with users. However, I tend to agree with Dan Frommer that Apple might be more inclined to build its own social network that maximize its advantages rather than bolt on an expensive one.

    However, I do think buying Yahoo! makes a lot of sense for Apple. I can already hear the guffaws. Yahoo! seems to be the butt of all Internet stock jokes these days. Why would Apple want to strap a perennial stock loser for the last 5 years like Yahoo! to its back?

    Here’s why:

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    • Now that Yahoo has partnered with Google, Apple or Microsoft will have to make their move to buy Yahoo.

    • Before Yahoo gets too powerful under Mayer, Apple or Microsoft will buy them.

    • Apple is waiting for Alibaba to get cleared out of the way.

    • Apple's acquisition of Yahoo will boost up its Shares

      That's almost a given as an Apple's acquisition of Yahoo will give it not only a brand name that matches Google and Microsoft but also gives it the firepower to be the consumer giant that it always dreamt of becoming, ever since the days of Pippin.

      Plus you can expect Apple to bring back Yahoo's past prestige by rejigging their overall strategy and refocusing on their core. And expect the market to react positively to the acquisition.

      2009 is going to be an interesting year should Yahoo's shares remain around $10. Yahoo has long been the rough diamond in the internet sector; a company with great potential but a lackluster team at the helm. So could Apple become its saviour?

    • Apple has been saving its cash for a good reason. Yahoo.

    • Here’s why:

      1. Buying Yahoo! wouldn’t be that expensive.
      2. Apple needs to either stay in or get out of the advertising business with iAd.
      3. Ironically, beyond an ecosystem of apps, all the big mobile players in the future will need a core stable of amazing mobile apps to differentiate.
      4. Search.
      5. Patents.
      6. Payments.
      7. IntoNow.

    • There had been speculation about this potential reality about a year back, prior to Yahoo negotiating a unique partnership with Microsoft. However, that deal does not necessarily prevent Apple from swooping in and taking over Yahoo. Apple could take Yahoo mobile and turn it into the mobile leader. Yahoo also offers an array of additional potential value to Apple. Now seems to be an ideal opportunity for Apple to make a move.

    • lyonsaudit Feb 1, 2013 11:07 AM Flag

      Why don't you tell it to the Board of Directors . Do you think they would not like this to happen? HUH , answer the question . Apple does not need YABOO --YABOO needs APPLE . And your wishing , won't make it so . Infact , the more you and people like you attempt to show the inadequacies of YABOO to APPLE , the more likely they are to reject such thoughts . SO , SHUT-UP . IDIOT .

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