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  • fpl1971 fpl1971 Feb 1, 2013 7:56 PM Flag

    Yahoo is the answer to stop Google's world domination for MSFT, AAPL, Amazon and Samsung

    I don't get it. I don't understand why these big boys are just sitting on the side ... too shy to court Yahoo. Do they know their survival is on the line ? if they don't get Yahoo and quickly integrate ... Google will eat each one of their marketshare in the next decade to come. The only one who is safe is probably Amazon... but it will be tough. Samsung probably will become next SONY if it doesn't make key acquisitions. Apple will become the next MSFT .. stagnant. And MSFT will be MSFT ... maybe all it will have left is just x-box.

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    • LOL you must not study any of those companies huh? Apple- revenue of $200B, $137B cash, etc. and has been flat. They need a huge product launch ala Apple TV or new Iphone to go along with its array of Ipads. Their new 128GB Ipad, while expensive, will make tons more than Yahoo will. Amazon- rapidly growing, could destroy brick and mortar, chase Wal-Mart as largest retailer on the planet and could scare Google s***less with their own search engine pertaining to sell of goods in their warehouses. Samsung- NEVER and I'm sure you researched the least. Their GIII has made them the number 1 smartphone producer in the world, their Samsung Note is also why Apple's margins are getting squeezed. " As part of this vision, Samsung has mapped out a specific plan of reaching $400 billion in revenue and becoming one of the world’s top five brands by 2020.
      Samsung is excited about the future. As we build on our previous accomplishments, we look forward to exploring new territories, including health, medicine, and biotechnology. Samsung is committed to being a creative leader in new markets and becoming a truly No. 1 business going forward."
      They had RECORD profits and simply kicking #$%$! MSFT- While their online division is struggling has grown revenue double digits and still as profitable as ever.
      Apple is a products company, with tons of cash, and a pursuit of Yahoo really doesn't help as Yahoo is mostly cash and a very stagnant core. Samsung, another product company, has quite a few things in the pipeline and has their hands in EVERYTHING from air purifiers to washers/dryers to TV's to memory chips as well as digital cameras and camcorders to smartphones. Is being another Sony, a bad thing? Sony DOMINATED electronics for 3 decades and about to launch its PS4, this summer. Samsung DOMINATES at least a dozen electronic areas especially DRAM. MSFT has a link but has left 5yrs ago and hasn't returned yet. All of the above companies are growing and innovating!

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