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  • alvin555 alvin555 Feb 11, 2013 10:36 AM Flag

    Louder Whispers of Apple coming in for $35 buyout of Yahoo.

    They are louder now on Broad Street in NYC.

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    • yes dude, that whisper is so true that dan loeb offed several million shares last week! you are a genius.

    • I think msft
      not Appl
      a $26-28 offer it might come.
      Anyway without a take over offer
      yahoo with all the Asia assets worths

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    • If that happens, major reason for the buyout is goog. Goog is internet and smartphone while AAPL is simply product and no internet. If AAPL wants to compete head on against goog, they need YHOO or FB.

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    • what about on Wall st where it matter...broad st are nothing but playhouses and comedy bars...Ye

    • Apple needs Yahoo to boosts its revenue. Anticipate if this is true, AAPL will take a dip, when that happens, I am going in and buy AAPL as much as I can. The synergy between AAPL and Yahoo is too big to ignore. I guess Tim Cook is waiting for some smart #$%$ consultant to push for that idea. It is funny how fortune 500 companies spend millions of dollars to get common sense answers and many times, consultants advice the wrong direction with conviction and see how they sink so many big companies.

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    • Apple buying Yahoo at $35. What a great idea! You should immediately call AAPL's VP of acquisitions and tell him.

      Of course, it is just possible that AAPL, with too much cash, has looked at YAHOO (and hundreds of other potiential acquisitions) and decided that YAHOO it brings absolutely nothing to AAPL - no producs, no business that is #1, no solid management andm it has absolutely no interest in acquiring YAHOO at any price.

      But you are too intererested in making a dumb, usless post to think about that.

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      • Synergy? Do you even understand the concept?

        AAPL makes and sells top quality computers, cell phones, etc. and lots of music on itunes. It has first rate customer service and a fine management.

        Yahoo makes ...nothing...and sells ... advertising to people who think that those attracted to Yahoo by its free content will buy from them. It has minimum customer service and clearly a mediocre management many of whom would have to be replaced.

        Would the Yahoo "eyeballs" buy AAPL products? Those who want them already do. Will the AAPL product owners take advantage of Yahoo's free content and buy from the advertisers. They already can.

        So please tell me where is the synergy?

        Another garbage post.

      • One of the things that you need to look at is, if Yahoo had competing products to Apple, or other potential acquirers, then an acquisition would probably not be the best. Because it would be a complementary 700 milliion eyeballs each month, Yahoo's audience could be valuable to Apple.

      • I think same agreements between them ,news start leaking out. Watch for Yahoo $23-$24 ant time

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