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  • gitreelonce gitreelonce Feb 26, 2013 8:55 PM Flag

    marissa, i knew a guy who said he had 150 uncles. took off for uncles deaths 5 times a year , for 30 years.


    Plus, i was told this guy stole stuff from work.
    Lots of stuff.
    telecommuters can't steal from work, can they ?
    So going to work, doesn't mean you'll get any better productivity. If people are going to cheat time,they'll do it at home, and at the way marissa, are you gonna let people put nursery's by their desk for their baby's like you did ?
    and by the by, your yahoo finance pages are taking longer and longer to load. is that a cost savings, using cheaper servers ?

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    • coming from a company with a HEAVY work at home presence I can absolutely guarantee you that a large % of the workforce (not all by any means) exploits the privilege and is not anywhere nearly as productive as someone in the office. Sure, they don't have to spend time driving to work but it takes far longer to accomplish tasks in a team setting via conf calls/webex than it does face to face. Too much rework, inefficient processes are born from telecommuting so MM is right on with this move. I am sure she will give latitude to the A players and the ones who are not (and there are many at Yahoo), well, maybe its time to pack it in if you cant physically demonstrate your worth... Just sayin...

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