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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Feb 27, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    It is cler now that Mayer is just the lipstick on the Yahoo pig. Loeb wants a pretty face with a nice CV

    and that is all.

    She thinks that by forcing everyone to work in the office she will be able to weed out the non performers but in fact just the opposite happens - it is proven - it is a fact - Mayer is beginning to show that she is not up to the challenge of CEO.

    So far she has spent over 100 million dollars hiring people from companies that in fact disagree with her personnel policies. Talented employees leave when such ridiculous rules are forced on them. They can easily walk across the street to another position with an enlightened company.

    The pretty face, cute figure and nice little girl persona with the Google on her CV is now beginning to look like the prototype dumb blonde.

    Remember, she ws being passed over for promotion and in reality being demoted from all key Google decision making and that is why she jumped to Yahoo.

    It looks like Google knew what they were doing - she is not executive material and her judgement is so faulty that of course she would not be able to provide input to enlightened future plans...she doesn't have the "little grey cells" as Poirot describe intelligence

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