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  • quantum_analyst quantum_analyst Feb 27, 2013 9:04 AM Flag

    Marissa says: Marissa Mayer: Baby is easy, Yahoo's fun

    All you need is a personal nursery and a nanny provided by the comapny at the company's expense and there go all of your day care concerns.

    All you need is an obstitrician to reserve a suite at the most elitist hospital in Silicon Valley where you can have your baby with ease, have all of the technology required at your fingertips and then have a personal nurse assigned to you who is present 24/7 at work, at home, while traveling - everywhere.

    Of course having a baby is easy and having an infant to care for and haviing millions of dollars in salry stock options with an unlimited expense account - first class travel - the best hotels, personal chefs on the road to prepare what your heart desires any hour of the day...yep - yahoo sure is a fund place to work especially for working mothers.

    Man...I can harly beleive her....she hada 100% honeymoon and everyone was excusing her repeated mistakes by assuming it was learning the ropes at yahoo and of course yahoo was a mess and it would take time for her to get the company refocused...etc....but now after the ABC Yahoo Home Page announcement snub, the remote work fiasco, the still undefined performance metrics while search activity drops and the yahoo brand begins to deteriorate again....the NEW home page - does anyone see anything NEW?

    isn't every other portal home page already several generations ahead of what yahoo calls new?,

    Time to drop Marissa, she is cute but cute and dumb can be very expensive, ask anyone who has made a relationship mistake during a midlife crisis.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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