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  • halgordon62 halgordon62 Mar 4, 2013 1:04 PM Flag

    Why don't you shut up coldone about hotmodel..You live in the past with a pack of lies !!!!YOU ARE A SIMPLY NOT TELLING THE TRUTH...


    And then to make everybody else on this board more miserable.
    you have all these bogus id's that are you telling everyone how great you are and how you saved the world.
    in truth you bought at 28 dollars and have told lies everyday with all your bogus id's to try and get a different story but sorry coldone the truth is the truth and by driving people crazy with allyour postings 24/7 for years is not going to change the truth.
    so stop your lies and bogus id's praising you and lying also.
    come on everybody knows they are you.
    my goodness even my 4 yr old knowes they are you.
    try a new tact ,a new course because you are a sad,sad shell of something and quit posting non-stop everyday.
    hotmodel is smarter..just let it go
    go away and try to find a need one.

    This topic is deleted.
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