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  • basketaetc1 basketaetc1 Apr 5, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Peter Chernin makes a bid for Hulu

    According to The Next Web, Peter Chernin has made a $500 million bid for Hulu.

    I thought Hulu was valued @ well over $1 billion. Did Kilar leaving lower the price that much?

    Maybe Yahoo should take a crack @ it?

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    • Read the article closer. This bid was made 2 years ago.

      Reuters, which first reported Chernin’s interest in Hulu, says he offered $500 million for the site; two years ago, when Hulu’s owners put the site on the block, they were looking for $2 billion.

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      • What?

        Hulu was on the auction block in late 2011, Chernin may have made an offer, remember Yahoo was also supposed to make an offer. Hulu took themselves off the auction block then because they were unhappy with the bids being so far under the $2B they were looking for.

        The Reuters article, and others, states that there is a current bid, Bloomberg says last week & Reuters says in March. Last week was late March.

        I don't know what article you're reading...

    • I just seen that! I think its greatly improved lately as I watched the Justin Timberlake hosted SNL episode on it from a few weeks ago. The commercials weren't irritating even if the same thing...Swifter, I think, or some other house product. The streaming was great, way better than Yahoo's at times and better then the major networks.
      As for its value, its worth way more than $500M, it was rumored to be between $2-$4B to Yahoo if it came with exclusive content deals. Netflix, paid like $1B for Starz or Showtimes content, last year, I think. I just remember it went up exponentially from the previous contract. The article I just read mentions that Providence Equity group sold its 10% stake for $200M and shoved it into the Chernin Group only to want it reinvested into Hulu apparently. It's revenue is $700M and that would be like Yahoo's core with $5B in revenue being worth under $4B, a steal. I do think Yahoo should make a stab at it or at the Chernin Group which seems to be accumulating high-tech companies in the film and TV arena.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I offer $550 million. I'll want a four year content contract with that.

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