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  • jcarob jcarob May 19, 2013 9:17 PM Flag

    These are insane times

    You have to expect these things. Wall Street wants to like Ms. Mayer. That said, Ms. Mayer needs to produce value for Yahoo stockholders. The love affair will not last forever. Spending a billion dollars for something like Tumblr with its 13 million dollars of revenue after an infusion of 125 million dollars seems a bit whimsical. Someone is not listening to their bean counters.

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    • Sooo, those wouldn't happen to be Carob beans you're counting on would they??

    • The Board unanimously approved. Dan Loeb approved. Hedge fund approved. Enough said. (PS: Do you know that AMZN last quarter net income was $82M, and that is a $122.87B company!)

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      • Back in the fourth quarter of 1999, references to tulip bulbs could be found on this very message board. (PS. Did you know that some people actually paid $400 for a share of Yahoo stock?) Since then Yahoo has been a train wreck. Lots of eyeballs... not so much profit. And, by the way, the same can be said of Amazon, substituting gross sales for eyeballs, mutatis mutandis. CEOs have come and CEOs have gone. And investors too have learned that value is hard to come by on the world wide web. Most of those early investors are now long gone, having had their pockets picked by the likes of Cuban and Semel, to name two in a long line of exploiters. But you are welcome to dream the dream. You undoubtedly believe that this time will be different. While you are dreaming, know this. It is very difficult to transform eyeballs into hard cash, as all of Ms Mayer's predecessors have learned. Eventually, those who are paying the freight will leave when results arre not forthcoming.

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