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  • fishnman1973 fishnman1973 Jun 3, 2013 7:54 AM Flag

    Yahoo news focuses on Mitt Romney instead of Obama scandals

    Front headline on yahoo yesterday " This is what Romney's White House would have looked like".

    Full of false predictions. To steer people away from Obama's mishandling of Benghazi then lying about it,
    seizing emails and communication of reporters who are critical of obama, using the IRS to target conservative group of no wrongdoing besides politics, using EPA as an attack dog and stalling keystone pipeline to cripple our nation's energy. So Yahoo wants to ignore the failed Obama and go after a Romney White House that never existed? Incredible political bias!

    PEOPLE NEED TO BE FIRED AT YAHOO NEWS DEPT. Waste of company resources. Grow the company with our investment, not be a propaganda machine for the democrats.

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    • They want to stay clear of an IRS audit! The IRS are now Obamas "Brown Shirt" enforcers.. Like in 1939 Germany

    • i got a laugh from the following line from that story:

      "They also planned to turn the White House into a corporate-structured monolith instead of the muddled bureaucracy Washington is known for."

      as if ANYTHING wouldn't be better than a "muddled bureaucracy Washington in known for".

    • Unfortunately, that's your typical media outlet. MSN is just as bad.
      The liberals who are purported to be running the newsrooms, television, Hollywood and radio stations of this country, continue to dupe an unsuspecting public into mistaking their party line for news. The media has become so pervasive in our lives that regardless of exactly where on the ideological fence you sit, the question of media bias has become all but unavoidable. Its sad that some people will never know the truth. Try listening to today's youth about why they voted the way they did in the last election...absolutely heartbreaking.

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      • No longer MSNBC. It's just NBC now but same bunch. Mark Levin used to refer to them as "MSLSD" because of their awful reporting. Yahoo is an internet portal not a news company. Yahoo would do far better copying all of the headlines from DrudgeReport who had over 27 million hits in the last 24 hours. Yahoo has long paid a staff to review and post news friendly to Democrats and "attack" news against republicans. When Bush was president Yahoo would rant about the same irrelevant story against Bush for weeks staright. There had to be something negative about Bush on Yahoo homepage everyday as if it were some sort of a goal. Back then about a decade ago, Yahoo stooped as low as treason while providing aid and comfort to our enemies during time of war.

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