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  • toobig2failagain toobig2failagain Aug 27, 2013 7:13 PM Flag

    Yahoo and Its Ugly, Inconsiderate Ads About Death and Dying

    Want nicer Yahoo ads & remove the ugly wrinkled boogey man face off of homepage?

    Well, good luck trying!! They do not respond to my pleas.

    In yahoo my-account, I changed my sex from Female to Male, and even decreased my age a few decades in hopes of finally getting rid of those gross, ugly, sadly fallen female faces that become young again when my pointer floats over them.

    Well, guess what? They said it would take a few weeks for changes to take effect and now, weeks later,
    I get to be repelled by ugly boogy man faces popping up on my home page. He also changes to a youthful face when my pointer accidentally wanders near his face.

    Yahoo, do we need this unpleasant reminder of what's in store for us all?

    I would like to stay with yahoo if they would be more considerate. Has anyone launched a campaign yet to get Yahoo to get nicer ads I wonder?

    Please don't tell me, what do you expect for free? If anything,, being old and poor too, is more reason Yahoo should be compassionate. Were not asking to stop all ads, just those offensive ugly face ones that take up half the space of our screens off out homepage!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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