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  • witty_sweety witty_sweety Sep 13, 2013 1:42 PM Flag

    Americans will have lesser privacy than WWII Germans

    Everything you say or do is recorded. If they figure you are on to something, they will let it go on a bit, than pressure one of the members secretly to go against you. Or, they will run a sting operation and implicate you. Be careful of what you say or do. Even if you discuss in the home you are recorded via the cable boxes or wireless hubs, modems etc. There is no escape now, white or black, Arabs or Jewish or Indians, you are on a hook. It is too late. What goes on come around. TMore lower communities that people love to discriminate will be in charge such as black or Mexicans who get government jobs more easily. I knew the day this was created that there would be problems to end it. Any organization that government creates must be done very thoughtfully and not haphazardly because it is the most difficult to end it. Even if they end it some of the people will be watched and blackmailed etc.. Now there is only one way to all this. They will have to sit down a charter laws saying.. one can have sex secretly with two to three women and it will not be followed up by NSA or slammed into harassment of individuals, children can talk about cheating on exams, and it will not be followed up by NSA or any government agency, small business can hide taxes in other assets upto 100K or a million per month, etc.. I hope you get the idea.of where it could go. It would go to levels where they can tall the color of of you #$%$ from sitting in their office, which you did not pay attention to it.

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