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  • baltihon baltihon Oct 27, 2013 7:14 PM Flag

    Yahoo has disabled Yahoo


    Dear Marissa

    On October 8, 2013, Yahoo introduced a new version of Yahoo Mail. As has been widely reported in the media, many users are complaining about this version. We would like to tell you why, and give you an opportunity to respond.

    Yahoo Mail was released 16 years ago and millions of people worldwide use it, both for personal and professional purposes. For many casual email users, the new version is great. For mobile users it's even better. The interface is clean, the functionality is streamlined and the integration between various devices is seamless.

    But for many others, the new version is a disaster.

    Serious email users don't think of Yahoo Mail as just a communications tool - to us it's a productivity tool. It is our workplace, our communications center and our personal and professional archive. We keep it open all day, every day. We read and respond to emails, we prepare documents, we process orders and invoices, we correspond with individuals and groups of users. Yahoo Mail is the backbone and lifeline we use to manage our businesses and personal lives.

    The new version has made it difficult, if not impossible, to complete our daily tasks. We can no longer switch between open emails to prepare new emails. We can't edit distribution lists in received emails. Contacts don't auto-complete. We are unable to format text. We can't drag and drop emails between folders. We can't access photos without searching our entire email archive. We can't sort our emails by sender. Marissa: we can't work!

    Thousands of vision-impaired users have reached out through our petition to report that they can't even SEE their emails because of the font size, style and weight. That, in particular, must be addressed.

    There are also numerous bugs in the new version. Contact lists are being deleted, messages disappear and screens are blank. We expect Yahoo to fix these over time, but it all adds to the frustration with Yahoo Mail.

    A user recently asked this question: "If SalesF

    This topic is deleted.
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    • A little bit ot but another thing that s u c k s is we can't post hyperlinks on the message boards anymore.

    • Like so many other businesses and people attitudes in America today, mediocrity is good enough for who it's for, especially when consumers continue to patronize those mediocre businesses. Best examples I can think of......Microsoft, WalMart and Yahoo, with Detroit automakers close behind. Amazon, LLBean, Nordstrom...... those companies do it right, and get almost all of my business as a result. The others?..........nothing.

    • It is amazing how so may things in Mail still do not work at the end of the month. If this is the best Yahoo can do why would anyone own this stock?

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • I'm a paying member since the Rocketmail buyout. The new Yahoo mail stinks. I'm so frustrated with the inflexibility, I could scream. Several times a day, I must shut down my browser completely to get out of Yahoo lockups.

    • The "New" email is a follow up to the "New" Groups, both of which were released without Alpha, much less Beta, testing. I call the new mail "YaGoogle" because it is very much like what Google did a few months ago, with the exception that Google Mail works.

      The Yahoo Groups are actually worse than the Mail in that there are so many issues that require attention that many of the long time owners are now moving to forums and other groups. The old Groups did need updated yet it would have been nice if the programmers were familiar with the Classic Groups and had provided at least those functions.

      Yahoo = Rude Arrogance & Stupendous Ignorance

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • I am a "premium" Yahoo mail person and I like that I can still have the service for the same price. I find it hard to believe anyone would pay the new price for "premium" as it has no advantages other than no ads in mail. The former premium features , pop etc, are free now. I think yahoo should throw the folks who pay a bone and lets us have "nested" folders for email like a drag & drop in windows folder system. Don't own stock so I am not in that dog fight. I also am annoyed by the new mail peculiarities listed above.

    • I had a similar problem with Yahoo Finance. Here are Yahoo responses.

      Below is a copy of a recent email sent to Yahoo Help. This morning I called Yahoo Premium help, their solution, we’ll discontinue your service. These are the kind of things that occur when a company thinks they’re saving money by farming out a service they should be doing in house.

      Obviously you people don’t care or don’t have the power to repair a major screw up and you always try to pin it on third party software. Be aware that nothing on my computer has change before or after you added “Yahoo Portfolio now syncs with your brokerage accounts.”, that is when these problems occurred. You didn’t address Real Time Quotes, I pay a monthly fee to receive real time quotes, after that change real time quotes quit. I don’t know why you can’t pass these problems along to the people that could correct these issues.

    • What Marissa Mayer and Yahoo have succeeded in doing is alienating their long time, loyal users.
      Previous versions of Yahoo Mail incorporated common sense, ease of use and the ability to multitask, making it an excellent choice for people and businesses looking for a stable, efficient way to communicate.
      The new Yahoo Mail has taken away that performance and introduced a juvenile, unstable, awkward downgrade.
      There are well over 170,000 complaints on the Yahoo user forum, yet Yahoo as failed to respond to their customers. Why aren't Marissa Mayer and Yahoo acknowledging their loyal users? This is inexcusable behavior.
      Competitors would do well to take former Yahoo Mail user's needs into consideration, as they have a readymade client base eager to make the conversion to a capable email service.
      Advertisers with Yahoo ought to take a hard look at where their dollars are being spent. Changes to Yahoo Groups and now Yahoo Mail have consumers leaving in droves with rumblings of an advertiser boycott as protest.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • courtney_ddd_stoddard courtney_ddd_stoddard Oct 28, 2013 9:29 AM Flag

      This is a coordinated attack, not just a random showing of people trying to get something 'fixed' more like a spam attack.

    • I am slowly changing all my yahoo information to a different email account, not gmail because I hate that too. Eventually I will close the yahoo account completely.

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