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  • slothar13 slothar13 Dec 5, 2013 9:38 PM Flag

    Interview Chris Matthews with our President OBAMA

    Hast anybody seen that Interview from Chris Matthew with the President. We as a Nation can be so lucky to have a President like Barack Obama who shows concern for everybody and is not hawkish and wants to start a War with everybody like Bush did in 2002 and 2003. Obama is very Honest and somebody who can trust that he will make sure them 40Million uninsured will have Insurance and it will be affordable. He was on MSNBC which is a honest News Station just the opposite from FOX NEWS.

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    • This is a joke post correct? Nobama makes Jimmy Carter look like GEORGE WASHINGTON!!!!

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      • I'm not a racist I treat everybody equal if white black or brown and I'm white ,but most of the right wing neocons can't stand to see a black man in the White House then they call him a liar a socialist a #$%$ and many other nasty Words I can think of so many republicans right wingers who could and should be called #$%$'s because they acted like that during the government shutdown!!!!!

    • Obama is the worst Presiden in most of our lives!

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      • Just because your life is programed by right wing neocon ,that doesn't mean a normal progressive Person has such screwed up mind like you ,were progressive believe in OBAMA he could be a little more progressive minded in order for him to win both elections he had to be in the center because most American People are in the Center not on the fringe where the right wing republicans are,that is why in future Elections they have no Chance ,even Huckebey is pulling so far to right that is not where you win Election and don't follow SARAH PALLIN or RUSH LIMBAUGH them are the worst from the worst!!!!!!!!

      • gajj_4 Dec 13, 2013 10:39 PM Flag

        worse than W who got us into two credit card wars (where were all those tea bagger fiscal conservatives then?) W destroyed iraqi society and empowered Iran. Iran doesn't have Saddam on its door step any more. Great job in geo strategic terms. on the other hand, Obama has killed more islamic militant leaders than W can count, he rescued the US auto and banking industries and, by the way, the US economy itself from GOP induced economic collapse. Can't do worse than that.

      • quit reading your comic books & maybe you will know something about presidents!

      • You're probably a racist like so many from South evangelical ,that is the only reason that OBAMA is black and is why you think he is the worst President isn't that the real truth but you would never admit it!!!!!!!

    • I do like it that Obama is rich and supports Wall Street. Remember when he stepped over the OWS folks to get money from the WS hedge managers. Sweet!

    • Slothar13, Dude are you clueless. Obama is a LAZY PRESIDENT and he lied about the health care. They have lied about the employment numbers. He has ran up the National debt more than Bush. We now have a 17 plus Trillion dollar debt. Unfunded Liabilities are through the roof. The only reason why this economy is doing anything is because the Feds are buying 80 Billion plus a month of Mortgages, etc. Give it one more year and you won't believe how bad this health care deal is headed. Do your self a favor and spend a little time looking at what is going on in Washington and stop be one of those dumb followers.

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      • The only reason it is so bad in Washington is because we have GOP do nothing Party controlling the House, if the GOP would not exist our Country would be just fine there would be a lot Jobs,the Middle Class would prosper we would have no Billionairs that would be just fine ,we would have more Millionairs the wealth wouldn't be concentrated with only very few people, we should outlaw the REPUBLICAN Party and we would be all better off!!!!!!!!!

      • There is another Thing we can President Bush for with Medicare D ,he refused to let the Goverment negogiate the Price of the Medication with big Pharma, now we paying 4000% more on Pills so that means if a Tablette cost 10 cent to produce they charge the Consumer 4 Dollar for each Tablette what a big rip off.

      • President Bush created about 10 Trillion of the deficit we have today by starting two Wars on the Credit Card that healthcare is a good thing we as a Country we are long overdue for Universal Healthcare it is a National shame that 40 Million people have no Insurance. Just remember how President Reagan used to sleep in all his meetings that is what I call LAZY. We really are lucky that OBAMA is our President!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • How you like the Employment Numbers today, our unemployment would be down to 5.5 if the REPUBLICAN led Congress wouldn't put all them roadblocks in his way just because we have a racist element in the House of Representatives, if there would be a white Person in the WHITE House everything would be different that is the sorry truth of our time in the 21th Century.

      • You are watching too much FOX News that news is polluted by Right wing Neocon's supported by Billionairs to do there bidding, I consider Guys like Rush Limbough to be worst then Hitler was if he had a chance!!!!!!

    • You mean like Obama wanted to go to war with Syria, before Putin slapped him down?


    • i agree totally! the kennedys ( esp. ted) talk about med. for the poor for 40 years & nothing developed! hillary tried to adopt a simple plan but could you imagine the aarp group in congress reading 100 pages ( just staying awake) besides her 20,000 pages! AT LEAST SHE TRIED! obama in his short term has accomplish more for the poor (med. cov.) than anyone!! we have to look now at the DO NOTHING GOP & what medical program have they produced ? DO NOTHING s have accomplish NOTHING! GOP- contact people & find out how many frustrating situations there are with medical cos. that have been around for 50 years & you will be very surprised. thousands daily! our med. company was bought out by another co. & my group program ( in the transfer) indicated that my wife wasn't covered! around 30 hours on the tel./ one month later we finally got them to give us a letter that my wife was ALWAYS covered! the co. reps wouldn't give us their name & EVERY TIME YOU CALLED YOU HAD TO SPEAK TO ANOTHER CUSTOMER REP. THAT WAS TAKEN THE NEXT AVAILABLE CALL!

    • ARGO

    • Too bad you also Shorted YHOO @ 16...BUT BOTH A JUDGEMENT CALL Peace

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