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  • z007x z007x Dec 21, 1997 10:46 AM Flag

    don't sweat it!

    Greetings markg:
    Appologies accepted and mine to you, too. I just could not resist tossing that one in...
    I know my spelling is horrible - mostly I don't bother to check.. (and I am a little spoiled by MSWord's automatic spell check..) If it matters to anyone, I'll try to put in the extra effort. As far as I am concerned, if it is readible-click "Post Message". (BTW English is not my native language)
    I am in no position to give investment advice to anyone. You best know your portfolio, time horizon and risk aversion... If you agree with me that, currently, "investing" YHOO is tantamount to betting Black/Red on the Roulette, you'd know what you can afford to gamble. I know a lot of folks who "build" themselves all kinds of derivatives: buying/shorting YHOO and then hedging with options.. This probably is a safer way... I personally have neither the time, nor the sophistication to do that.
    I strongly believe, that YHOO is way overvalued, and it is just a matter of time before the price of the stock
    colapses.(which as it was pointed out, due to the hight short interest, is unlikely to happen too soon or too sudden). I choose to wait. At
    $30 per share the stock would be down more than 100% form its current level.(and still overpriced) I've targeted (an ideal) 15%
    anual rate of return over the long run for my portfolio... and since I can afford to wait this one out, I am planning on doing
    just that...
    Good luck doing your own homework.

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