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  • smallcapman smallcapman Apr 4, 1998 10:56 AM Flag

    More Over-valued than I thought!~

    I frankly don't know why you are all getting so excited about this .04 cents which just means 1.6 million in earnings. A few hundred K here and there.

    Besides, how can you verify if they have not pulled in future contracts earlier or all contracts have fully matured or there are any accounting irregularities until a much later time. This happens time and time again with many many high flying companies, that are forced into doing such practices - ORCL, IFMX and many many more. Even most auditors and analysts play second fiddle with these practices.

    So my advice ?. Don't care a dime about earning numbers unless it is atleast 15 to 20 million of real earnings in the quarter. Just look at the P/E ratio (140 now) and focus on it to see if it is worthwhile when even MSFT, IBM and all top notch companies are netting from 30 to 50 PE ratios.

    Sooner or later the P/E reality will catch up. The .04 per exposure advertising banner cost is way too high than print advertising and online ads never were good for advertisers for many reasons. You will soon see an analyst come up with "An Expose on the Vanity and Volatility of Online/Yahoo Advertising and the Stocks". Take it to the bank when you can. Don't Gamble. Look for greener pastures.

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