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  • Novalis_97 Novalis_97 Apr 6, 1998 5:06 PM Flag

    Does YHOO have any financial justificati

    Its profit margin is -34%, and its return on equity is -21.2%. I think Internet users are creatures of habit and once they use Yahoo!, they will continue to use it. But at some point, YHOO needs to make some money.

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    • Am I? Wow.

      I had no idea I was trying to scare people into selling short.
      I thought I was trying to warn them not to stay long in a very
      volatile stock. I'm not sure I'd recommend shorting YHOO right

      And why, exactly, do you *care* whether or not someone sells
      short? You haven't exactly been a fount of information on this

      A couple of quick facts:

      1. Short sellers don't hurt a company.
      2. Short sellers don't necessarily hurt stock price. They can
      even drive it higher.

    • seebs your on six different boards trying to
      scare everyone into selling short.cant wait till you get

    • Excellent! Now we have two insiders reporting earnings. That's
      the kind of solid, reliable, information that will help people
      decide what to do. We now know that YHOO:
      1. Missed earnings.
      2. Earned $.07.

      In a day or two, we'll even know what really happened!

      (Not to knock your inside tip; thanks for posting it. I give
      yours higher credibility than the other one, just because you
      can spell and form sentences.)

      So, if it were $.07, what would people expect this to do to the

    • It's 5 times the amount now. Of course, there is a difference with YHOO, YHOO is already overvalued!

    • I don't care what negative replies this message gets, but here it goes. I have a very close contact with yahoo. Earnings will be .07. I don't own yahoo, never have, never will, but this info i do know. It(my comment) won't affect the stock in any way since most will view this as the usual. Just wait and see.

    • On what possible grounds? A split never drives a stock up that
      much unless it's based on earnings or fundementals that suggest
      that the stock's price is too high *and needs to be*.

      It is not, IMHO, very likely that YHOO would split. Even if
      they did, why would it drive the price up? Is there some
      special benefit to being able to buy 2000 shares worth $60
      as if they were 1000 shares worth $120? No.

      A split is unlikely to matter much. If you have arguments to
      the contrary, feel free to post them.

    • 2 for 1 split will drive YHOO to 120 before splitting to 60

    • You're exactly right. One-time charges are becoming much more common. One-time charges have become a wonderful trash bucket for many companies who want to fool the public. When Yahoo takes a one-time charge of 4 million or so for Four11, what else is included in the one-time charge (unrelated to Four11)?

      This is like Congressional bills with all the hidden spending...

      I'd like to know what the other 50 things being swept under the rug (as a one-time charge) are. We only hear about the main excuse. Us stupid investors go, "oh that makes sense, they took a one-time charge for Four11." Yea right.

      Smoke and mirrors.

      Wave the magic wand.

      We are profitable!!!!!!!!

    • YHOO does (or did) make some money. $.06 so far. Possibly
      as much as another $.07 this quarter. (Although analysts
      are not betting on this.)

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