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  • InvestmentGuru2001 InvestmentGuru2001 Feb 1, 1999 1:55 PM Flag

    SUNW at 1000

    Here's a thought...

    Aside from
    fundementals -- let's examine the psychology of the the
    market. In recent weeks, Internet stocks have skyrocketed
    to unheard of levels, leaving them with P/E ratios
    in the 4000 - 5000 range, if a P/E at all (many are
    still losing money). Now let's look at SUNW. It is
    generating over $12 billion in sales, has billions in the
    bank, and is generating hundreds of millions in net
    profit. Futhermore, it is providing most of the internet
    high-flyers with the hardware, and in many cases software, to
    accomplish their internet tasks.

    Now couple this
    with the fact that SUNW is slowly evolving into a
    hybrid -- hardware master vendor and master software
    (JAVA -JINI) developer. Hmmmm...looks to me like SUNW
    could be the next MSFT for real reasons -- GREAT
    PRODUCT, GREAT EARNINGS, GREAT IDEAS. Maybe a new monopoly
    of sorts? If this stock was an IPO, it would be
    trading at 1000 rather than 110. If you see the vision,
    BUY -- IMHO this stock will be at 1000 (presplit
    price) in the next five years.

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