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  • Maple_Leaf17 Maple_Leaf17 Apr 25, 1999 11:23 PM Flag

    Is Yahoo out of money?

    Or are you just full of crap!

    Would you
    BUY Yahoo at these rediculous high prices and at a
    P/E of 2,132?

    And who in the hell would pay
    over 37 billion dollars for Yahoo?

    For a few
    hundred million dollars, a venture capitalist could build
    a company in competition with Yahoo and do a much
    better job! I'm lucky today, it didn't take Yahoo 15
    minutes to post my message!

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    • maple_leaf17 for trying to value Yhoo using it's
      P/E. Anyone with common business sense realizes that a
      company such as Yhoo, who is clearly the market leader in
      the biggest revolution that you will see in your
      lifetime doesn't have a clue. The fact that Yhoo has
      earnings at this juncture is a bonus. When entering a new
      market such as the internet revolution, the most
      important thing is to grab market share and not worry about
      the short-term earnings. Cash flow is all that
      matters right now. What would you value since
      they have no earnings or P/E and won't for 3-4 years
      from now? People like you can't see beyond your own
      face and don't know what the word "Vision" means or
      how to start and run a business in a sector that did
      not exist 5 years ago. Sell whatever stock you have
      and go buy you a clue!!! Idiot!!! Idiot!!! Idiot!!!
      Get off of Yhoo's message board, you don't deserve
      the privilege of using it.

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