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  • Hercules_Lives Hercules_Lives Jun 1, 1999 11:21 AM Flag

    Short sqeeze coming today!!!!

    Watch for a dramatic turn turn around and gain for yahoo.

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    • This bubble is about to burst and all you little longs are going to be holding the bag.

      Big Guys are gone....

    • big boys want it, predict it, and they'll probably get it

    • Yahoo tends to follow the Nasdaq 100 ( and
      internet stock indexes in general ), *NOT* the DOW. The
      DOW is up, but the Nasdaq is down. Yahoo continues to
      fall. Compare the graphs between yahoo and QQQ ( which
      tracks the Nasdaq 100 ) for the last 3

      You can break down the comparison fairly easily.
      Yahoo tracks QQQ except (1) it is much more volatile,
      and (2) the trend line switched directions after the
      250 high at the end of March. Whereas before that
      date Yahoo tended to have better upsides, after that
      date Yahoo now tends to have worse downsides. In
      otherwords, it does not recover as quickly as it

      The volatility hides the trend somewhat, so while I
      think it is possible for Yahoo to have a short term
      recovery based on good news + the high side of its
      volatility, I don't think it will last. I believe Yahoo is
      trending down over the long term for good ( as I said
      before ). This doesn't mean the company is bad. Of all
      the internet companies out there, Yahoo is one of the
      better ones. But that doesn't mean the stock price is

      Other factors: The net stock market is saturated and
      there are more IPOs on the way. Bond yields are going
      up, causing institutional investors ( and anyone else
      who is smart ) to make portfolio adjustments.
      Original entries into these stocks have been cashing out (
      anyone smart who has actually made a lot of money from
      Yahoo has or will cash out ). People are finally
      recognizing the hype for what it is. Ad pricing has come down
      considerably in the last year and, considering the complete
      saturation of net sites with banner ads, will probably
      continue to trend down. This is a direct counter to the
      rising user numbers and while user numbers will
      definitely cap (or at least even out) at some point in the
      next few years, there is no bottom to how low ad
      pricing can go.

    • Some fuckers believe me now! No turn around!

    • Yes, Friday was definately a dead cat bounce,
      Friday's average volume showed that some supposed bargain
      hunters were trying to buy the stock but there was still
      some selling.
      Today's big down price on low volume
      is a very big negative because it shows that the
      dead cat buyers have very quickly lost faith and are
      now sellers. All the buyers are gone so the stock
      quickly moves down on low volume. The stock has no strong
      support a very big negative.

    • check out this web site with over 75,000+ day traders the has to be some insider info there?!?!?

    • How can you say Yahoo's Friday bounce is dead cat bounce ? The volumn on Friday is in average, but today's down volumn is half size below average ?

    • ...pump it all you want, but the internets are still going to be hurting for a while longer...value will eventually have to be justified and demonstrated.

    • No reason for selloff. Market overeat to the data. I guess tomorrow will up another 15 like last thurday down 7 and friday up 14.

    • ARET is climbing. Hurry up and check it out!

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