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  • eddy124 eddy124 Jul 6, 1999 3:42 PM Flag


    First learn how to spell its "meet" not "meat". Don't spread rumors about yahoo, when it looks like you don't have a clue like us about why yahoo went down 7 points in 1/2 hour.

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    • It looks like outsmarting yourself would have
      been the right thing to do. I looked at what happened
      last quarter (and previous quarters) and I projected
      it onto this quarter and IT WORKED!

      What a
      shocker! Sell your Yahoo before it reports earnings and
      EARNINGS ARE! I will use this easy formula next quarter

    • buskerbilly claims insider info Sec needs to know now please report

    • buskerbilly has inside info report to sec now
      earnings not due out til wednesday after bell

    • <EOM>

    • i guess I am just much a more conservative
      investor. I only buy stocks with money I can afford to
      lose, with cash of course. I only get on margin when I
      know for sure we are entering into a bullish run-up
      for at least a good period of time. And I have never
      done options. I am curious about options, would
      apprecaite if if you could point me to some good sites about


    • It ACTUALLY DOES matter to day traders and to
      option players! With options, there is a time factor, so
      it matters alot if you're holding YHOO 180 calls
      that the price rises above 180 before the xpiration
      date. If you're long and NOT ON MARGIN, everything's ok
      for holding forever if you care to....but that
      situation is probably not true of alot of the people on
      this board. I have YAHOO long (cash account) and don't
      care if it hits 180 again right now or not....but I
      also have options for July at 155 and I sure as hell
      care alot if it dips below that.... GET IT?

    • I bought in about 3-4 weeks ago and have gained 88% already! Of course, it was a lot cheaper than YHOO so easier to do so!

    • up a few points one day or drop a few points
      another? Look at the historical chart, how long did it
      take for YHOO to passs its all time high set in
      January before another all time high was reached by
      April? Does it really matter that much if it goes to
      $190 or $150 tomorrow, as long as it keeps going up in
      the future, to set another series of new highs down
      the road again and again?

      As long as you
      belive stock market always go up in the long run, and as
      long as you believe YHOO will do the same, who cares
      if it goes down or up a few points on daily basis?
      If it goes down $150, buy more! If it goes up $190,
      great, it will go up still more. Remember, the all time
      high is $244! It still has a lot of room even to reach
      that high, not to mention to beat it!

      I have
      long stopped timing the market on a daily basis after
      I thought a stock has reached its high, only to be
      astounded it went even higher and higher after I sold it.
      It happened so many times, and I have decided it is
      much a better strategy just buying some good ones and
      hold, regardless if it goes down today or up tomorrow.
      YHOO, AOL, ATHM, CMGI, MSFT, LU, CSCO are all good ones
      to hold for long time.

      Good luck to all!

    • u remember how they punish liars?
      the SEC is watching!!
      but nice joke, though!:)

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