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  • kennyjcal kennyjcal May 22, 2009 9:30 PM Flag

    The peak sales for OGX-011 is in the double digit BILLIONS

    To the DOUCHE BAG who is spreading false information:

    could be worth $200 per share (even with dilution)

    "In 2008, OncoGenex and Isis amended their agreement in respect of OGX-011 to provide OncoGenex with sole rights to OGX-011"

    OGX-011, OGX-427 and OGX-225 utilize second-generation antisense technology, licensed from Isis Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: ISIS), to effectively target and inhibit production of specific proteins in tumor cells. OncoGenex and Isis partnered in the successful discovery of OGX-011, OGX-427 and OGX-225 and with respect to OGX-011, in its initial development. In 2008, OncoGenex and Isis amended their agreement in respect of OGX-011 to provide OncoGenex with sole rights to OGX-011 and sole responsibility for development and related costs and partnering decisions, subject to financial obligations to Isis. OncoGenex is also solely responsible for development and related costs and partnering decisions regarding OGX-427 and OGX-225.

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    • Well...i think the best reply would be yes your are right and no you are wrong.

      It is not that unusual for acquisitions and other partnering deals to occur at the conclusion of Phase II trials. Its an interesting inflection. If the acquring company does their due diligence properly, they can potentially pick up a good deal. If they wait too long, the price tag increaes. WE just saw J&J acquire Cougar. Cougar has just completed Phase II on the lead drug and was initiating Phase III.

    • I don't expect mush of an change.

      The fact still remains is that while phII trials can give you some type of feel what's going on they really can't be trusted.

    • I own DNDN a know a bit about that "play". Provenge showed a 4.1 month survival advantage over the placebo arm. Bear in mind that most patients in both the provenge arm and placebo arm went on to take taxotere. 4.1 month advantage in 3 year trial is pretty good. Taxotere showed a 2.8 month advantage over a competing chemo drug. That was good enough to get FDA approval

      One has to be careful in comparing trials. But it would be a fair statement to say that OXG-011 is showing a substantial benefit both in median survival and survivor rate. We know the 30 month data for OXG-011. In about a week, we will see the final data for the 3 year study.

    • Why all the hype??

      Provenge shows an 3 to 4 month advantage, not an 15 month advantage.

    • One thing I do not get, they have 10 month survival advantage with tax in phase 2. Provenge shows a 15 month advantage with tax in phase 3 p-11. Why all the hype.

    • Only thing the salmon doesn't realize the long slog ahead, the guy who thinks he'll get out at $12, he might be related to a salmon. t

    • A good friend who is also an ISIS brother bought Panera Bread when it was at two and sold it for $140. Alot of people maybe able to have the same story with OGXI in the future. I'd hate to be a short trying to work my way out from all of this...kind of like a salmon swimming upstream for about 1200 miles. t

    • Same.

      Trading around a core after a few splits, I hope. This entry level reminds me so much of getting in Celgene in the early days. Plenty of investors made good money booking big gains. The monster payoff came with holding it for years, long after approval of it's first drug.

      The silly bashing about the share price drives me a little nuts at times. It's important if you trade around a core holding. Currently, just watching the market cap and seeing a tiny valuation.
      I do post on stock price #'s just to participate in the fun. If I end up with $50 or $1000 a share I'll be happy.

    • I think that this drug could be used first line if you can get away with less chemo, and less radiation and still have a better outcome. I'm in it for the long haul, not margined, know the science to a certain degree, and a big believer. I'd venture to say that including everyone I know that feels pretty much the same way we're holding a significant amount of the float, and we're not budging. t

    • For a start look at one target application for chemo failures and the sales of the drugs it may play the booster role for the eventual failure of the therapies.

      Docetaxel had sales of Us$2 billion globally in 2006 , while paclitaxel had sales of $1.3 billion

      How many other therapy failures are going to be linked to clusterin production? When do we hear more about radiation? What is possible with early use of OGX-011 in tx protocols. Could the drug make less toxic therapies more effective?

      The upside is huge and totally unproven so of course it's a wild a$$ guess.

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