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  • jetmanbash jetmanbash Apr 15, 2010 8:38 AM Flag

    Cash if you're out there:

    Take a look at PBTH, I'd rate it one of the must-own biotechs for the intermediate and long term. t

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    • Kaplan, did you see the good article in Seattle Times today on Provenge? I am lousy with links but you can see it on DNDN board. Really helpful in describing the process and the science of provenge. good luck to everyone here who owns DNDN, hope you get your approval this week.

    • I understand your argument on the cost benefit value to Provenge. The main attraction is that your live your remaning months without the horrible side effects of chemo, and likely live longer to boot.

      Regardless of if DNDN will sell Billions of dollars of Provenge, the stock has done well and will likely see another pop upon approval. It is up 60% this year while have argued whether it will be as profitable as longs believe. I personally dont care if they can sell $5B worldwide and will sell my core upon approval.

    • posting of review of cancer therapy vaccines on dndn board this am, which has 174 page report on the topic...predicts total annual sales of vaccines in 7 major markets at 1.3 billion up to 2018 including sale of provenge.

      If provenge only in US, what would be sales even in 2018? half at best of that total? that means dndn priced at current value?

    • I could never own DNDN just based on the premise that if you pay $100,000 you might least an extra 2 months or whatever trying to prime your wounded immune system. Doesn't make sense to me. God bless them though. t

    • and congrats on your SOMX call--

    • Thanks cash and jet for your picks...imgn looking strong.

      I increased my investment in ogxi today. bought 1,500 more shares, waiting to buy another 1,500 later on today. I am either going to retire early from OGXI or work till I am 90.

      I figure when phase 3 testing is announced, plus run up to ASCO on 427, we may not see this level again.

      Meanwhile, over on the DNDN board, some are speculating global sales of provenge will be 5 billion concerns that present global sales are at 1 billion and that the rest of the world ain't the US of A in terms of wealth or private insurance plans.

    • OncoGenex, I'm waiting for some news on OGX-427 data, if it's impressive as it matures I suspect it will be announced as a late addition to the oral presentations.

      ASCO 2010 may be too early to be this years catalyst? AACR is this weekend and Vancouver, BC has some people their presenting, -427???

      IMGN - I've put many hours looking into the biochemistry of their T-DM1. A phase ((II)) trial on end stage breast cancer patients was so impressive their partner Roche is applying to the FDA for "Accelerated Approval". That makes it possible for early limited marketing of a drug. It was announced today.
      Gleevec got "Accelerated Approval" on phase II data and you know how impressive it has been.

      T-DM1 phase II was in 110 end stage breast cancer patients that were no longer responding to at least 7 previous chemos. That included Herceptin, T-DM1 is a far more potent new formulation of Herceptin. Over 40% of the HER2 positive patients saw 30 to 40 percent shrinkage in their tumors. No additional side effects than the regular Herceptin, which are mild.

      I've posted a lot of research on the IMGN board.

      Cramer had a 10 minute interview with the IMGN CEO tonight. Hope to pick up some trading shares. I've got a sizeable position for a 3 to 4 year hold. Huge pipeline potential if the story continues to hold up.

      PBTH - I'm impressed. What about the cash position?

    • Jet,

      What other stocks are you in/taking a look at? Besides owning a large piece of PBTH, as you know, I keep a close eye on OGXI, but on the sidelines.

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