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  • darkouttonight darkouttonight Dec 7, 2010 7:56 PM Flag

    My last post here & back to Isis board.

    I stopped in here only to protect the newbies. The following is my good deed to the public.

    New positions (investment) in OGXI = 4 for a total of 17,553 shares. Sold out positions = 12 for a total of 985,620 shares. Increased positions = 14 for a total of 165,572 shares. Ok, brace yourselves, decreased positions = 20 for a grand total of 1,032,215 sold. The OGXI insiders are doing excellent, sorry for you stock holders. :>(

    Folks, this company is NOT a new cure for cancer! I only wish that it could be. :>( Good bye and good luck.

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    • duncecap Dec 11, 2010 12:40 PM Flag

      This along with time to key milestones still seems to be one of the issues holding down the value of this stock, and quite frankly creating a compelling value play for those willing to spend the time doing their homework.

      IMO comparing 1st generation antisense with 2nd gen antisense is akin to comparing a modern day Boeing with the Wright brother plane. Dig into current isis and ogxi data and you will learn that the 2nd G molecules are more potent, and easier to administer.

      On the piper CC the analyst brought up a p1 trial where 011 treatment with hormone therapy prior to radical prostatectomy inhibited prostate tumour cells by 92%, a major step forward from the 1st gen failures you've notes. Simply put, the new chemistry is getting the drug to the target:

      More importantly, the data from the P2 trials forming the basis for the P3 reg strategy are strong, and there appears to be a correlation between low levels of the target clusterin and improved survival. Not that I'd expect you or the dark empire to read these, but for those interested in learning more, here are a couple interesting links:

      P2 results in 1st line prostate. 6.9mos survival advantage

      P2 results in NSCLC (14.1mos survival, compared to 10.3 mos chemo)

      P2 results in 2nd line crpc. 4.7 mos survival advantage in doce/011 arm versus published studies, 46% pain reduction.

    • I spoke to Dark and read him your post, he laughed. "Now i know why he calls himself a dunce". Dark also said, "this guy has no clue as to my decades old research on failed well reasoned antisense drug trial investments. Dark, "I've been there and done that when this guy was in his knee high knickers, from Hybridon, Methylgene right up to Genta." "The dunce is very silly person, he will have to learn the hard way along with the rest of the antisense theory hypsters. "Sad but i can't save them all".

      Call me darkout i will love it.

    • duncecap Dec 8, 2010 8:14 PM Flag

      Thats actually factually accurate, so well done! Two directors blew out their positions back in the summer when they left the board. This is not uncommon when directors leave the board as typically options expire not too long after departure. This is old news well documented on this board. Sure I would have preferred they exercised and held, but given that they had seen the share price escalate from the $2s and $3s during their tenure, its hard to argue against taking them taking money off the table.

    • Nice try, to clear up your confusion.

      Insider sales equal 68,772 shares.

      Net institional sales are 2,028,460.

      The oncogenex insider number one song is a top hit. "It has only just begun". That's ok it's for their trust.

    • duncecap Dec 8, 2010 6:17 PM Flag

      Not to let the facts get in the way of your investment theory, but didn't they do a $50M financing for 3.1m new shares in october? Should that be factored into your new positions number? I'm assuming your using 9/30 numbers which haven't been updated to reflect the October financing.

      We'll likely have to wait until the 12/31 filings before getting more clarity into who the companies current holders are. I for one am very interested to see who the new holders are. If they were typical hedge funds I would have expected much more downward pressure on the stock post-financing as they would likely have sold the shares and held the warrants.

    • Thanks Dark, you are right. OGXI does NOT have any drugs that will cure cancer. But it seems to me that if 011 and 427 can cripple an eight legged predator called cancer and soften it into a snail with impotency problems then us foolish OGXI investors may be rewarded after all. Hope you live up to your promise and retire from this board. Bet you can't.

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