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  • petruchi0 petruchi0 Dec 10, 2010 2:52 PM Flag

    OGXI time line

    Would someone be kind enough to share the time frame of the next catalyst for OGXI.

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    • thanks everyone for your input, it is greatly appreciated. I do wonder, unless Darkout is clairvoyant how he can back his negative stance. the company will not have access to trial results and interpretation before completion.
      thanks again.

    • There are catalysts that depend on products like Mipomersen from ISIS/Genzyme getting at least a positive FDA panel advisory if not a full approval in 2011.The SP is depressed because of the market bias against anti sense drugs.Also where Abiraterone goes from here(the OS have been around 4 months only)and a combo might be beneficial.Also where MDV3100 goes from here as it is similar to Abiraterone mode of action.I continue to beleive that Oncogenex will be acquired by TEVA(as the royalties will be costlier than the market cap) but it will be a long time coming as the standard of care might change with the approval of Abiraterone/MDV 3100 as new trials will have to be undertaken with the new standard of care.

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      • Only other catalyst I can think of for 2011 would be a partnership to develop OGX-427 for indications other than prostate and bladder (and/or to take it through phase 3 in those indications if the phase 2 trials are successful), as well as to develop SN-2310 and the two preclinical compounds, one of which is antisense and the other of which is a small molecule.

        Cormack said in the recent Piper CC that they're evaluating whether to negotiate such a partnership and will at a minimum have talks with potential partners.

        I'm not sure how much a deal like that would boost the pps. Maybe not a whole lot since the drugs are still a long way from being marketed.

    • duncecap Dec 11, 2010 1:16 PM Flag

      Hard to say.. I'm eagerly waiting for 2011 guidance from mgmt. I wouldn't expect any P3 results from OGX-011 in 2011 given that the prostate trials where recently initiated and lung trial is yet to initiate. They've announced the OGX-011 P3 lung trial and P2 OGX-427 bladder trial will initiate in 2011, but I'm not expecting a big jump on either of these.

      Hoping P1 OGX-427 bladder and/or P2 OGX-427 prostate data will come out in 2011, but given these are investigator sponsored I wouldn't be surprised to see these slip into 2012 as well.

      Any other have any thoughts on this? Am I missing anything?

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      • Hi Dunce,

        You are right. Can't see much else except general increase in price in anticipation of 2012 results.

        The only question I have is whether in 2011 there might be climb in pps so that stock split might occur. That would increase liquidity and create a more attractive entry point. That in itself may create a catalyst.

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