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  • paradigm.shifter paradigm.shifter Feb 23, 2011 11:48 PM Flag

    2011 Catalysts

    Just calibrating with the fine folks here. Here is what I have down for the catalysts for 2011. Appreciate any comments and/or corrections.

    1. Recovery/Value Gap - Considering the company's cash position (i.e. aprox. $85 million with runway thru 2014) relative to its current market cap (i.e. 9.6 million shares outstanding) their is excellent upside potential. The last stock offering was at $15.75/share. The vast majority of the outstanding shares have been accummulate at prices at or well above $15.75.

    2. Phase I Bladder update. I expect these results to be positive as they are already planning a Phase II trial in bladder cancer

    3. Partner 427 compound. This is likely a longer term catalyst as I recall the CEO in the last conference spoke of the prospect, but it did not sound it was close.

    4. Initiate Phase III - NSCLC

    5. Initiate Phase II in Ovarian cancer. Not sure about this one, but the efficacy signal is there and the CEO has hinted about the prospect.

    6. Initiate Phase II - Bladder (427)

    7. Update results for both of the Phase III trials (CRPC). These trials are blinded to the company, so I don't think we hear anything in 2011 with the exception for possibly enrollment updates. I am not sure if and when the data monitoring board (committee) will report out on safety and green lite the trials to continue.

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    • ogxi way overpriced at $18 warning !

      This is why i follow darkoutonight.

      dark claims vical a buy at $3.55. My bid is in !

    • Smoking hootch i see.

      See a double in price? Based on what your dreams? Look out below!

    • i have been buying on dips

      the Capital gains clock is ticking on both my core and trading positions

      I see a double in the share price by early 2013 or sooner as there is a huge disconnect between current price and pipeline value. Isis antisense platform will be validated via MIPO and that alone will add value to ONCO.


    • It is hard to believe you blame dark for Scott Cormacks dumping this pos since last june. You do need help !

      i will follow darkout not loser!

    • Nice to see you around Para. Hope you've been well. t

      • 2 Replies to jetmanbash
      • Jet, went snowshoeing this weekend. New and heavy snow in the woods. Very silent. I love how the snow is blown and covers one side of the trees. And the birds are singing, you can't see them but you can hear the sparrows, chickadees, red wing blackbirds and cardinals. Spring is here but it is covered up for now. Took my injured wife with me and my 11 year old daughter. I told them it is very sad when a pudgy 51 year old man is outdistancing them.

        As far as I am concerned, nothing is going to move this stock except pending success of 011 in prostate, and if that event occurs, the pipeline is validated and TEVA steps in and buys the company. In that case, I'll be doing alot more walking in the woods.

        Good luck to all. Patience is a virtue. To quote Bob Dylan, all will be revealed. The only problem is we don't know what that revelation will be.

      • Ditto

    • OGXI Clinical Trails: News Flow

      1)OGX-427 Phase II NCT01120470
      in Castration Resistant Prostate Cancer Patients
      Sponsor: British Columbia Cancer Agency
      Estimated Enrollment: 72

      Estimated Primary Completion Date: March 2011
      (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)
      Research Hypothesis:
      That adding OGX-427 to prednisone treatment will produce a progression free rate of 20%.

      2) OGX-011 Phase II Prostate Cancer NCT00138918
      Study of OGX-011 given prior to Radical Prostatectomy in Patients with Localized Prostate Cancer
      Sponsor: University of British Columbia
      Estimated Enrollment: 45

      Estimated Primary Completion Date: December 2011
      (Final data collection date for primary outcome measure)

      3)OGX-011 NCT01083615 Phase III
      A Study Evaluating the Clinical Benefit of Adding Custirsen to Docetaxel Retreatment/Prednisone as Second Line Therapy in Men With Castrate Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC)

      Estimated Primary Completion Date: December 2012
      Estimated Enrollment: 292

      4)OGX-011 Custirsen NCT01188187 Phase III
      Comparison of Docetaxel/Prednisone to Docetaxel/Prednisone in Combination With OGX-011 in Men With Prostate Cancer (SYNERGY)

      Estimated Enrollment: 800
      Estimated Primary Completion Date: December 2013

      Any News of further Trails moving into next phase such as NSCLC, Ovarian cancer or bladder can come in at any time. OGX-427 Phase II Results will be proof of concept.
      I jumped in year ago when OGXI was at 30 and have added some shares on the way down to 15. I will wait and see. OGXI and CLDX are my first and last Biotech investments.

      Will OGXI present interim results at ASCO 2011 ?

    • Good update

      Somebody agrees with you as the stock has been slowly bought in the $15.00 to $16.50 range for quite some time.


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