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  • howardmorris howardmorris Oct 19, 2012 2:36 PM Flag

    The ISIS message board...

    ...seems very caustic! Is there anybody over there worth reading? I'm trying to determine the Mipo prospects but the ISIS board was no help at all.

    Are investors getting dodgy because of the competition from AEGR/Lomitapide or because the vote was 9-6 (which seems to run the risk of FAIL at the January 29th announcement)? And why does everyone keep screaming 'buyout'? Dr. Dr. Crooke (he has 2 doctorates!) is trying to save the world with anti-sense. Getting rolled into Genzyme doesn't seem like the way to do that. Besides, there are 100 million shares outstanding and insiders don't hold 100 thousand of them...

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    • The Investor Village board for ISIS is much better than the Yahoo board. You don't have to sign up to read the posts.

      I'm trying to figure out whether the FDA panel's somewhat tepid endorsement of mipo has any relevance for OGXI. I own a token amount of ISIS but it's so token that I don't follow the company closely. I did catch the end of Adam Feuerstein's tweets from the panel discussion yesterday and it seemed that at least one panel member had reservations about ISIS' second-generation oligos on the basis that they're "immunostimulatory." That supposedly could account for the slightly higher incidence of cancers in the mipo group (though the panel generally debunked the cancer issue) and possibly for the liver tox. Since the rival drug from AEGR, which uses a completely different mechanism, also has liver tox issues, I have to assume that's related to the fact that the drugs are addressing cholesterol levels and is not an indictment of ISIS' 2nd gen technology. And Crooke in his conference call last night was adamant that although immunostimulatory effects are theoretically possible the data from this and other 2nd gen clinical trials showed none of significance.

      I've looked again at the data OGXI has presented on the randomized P2 trial for 011 (011 + docetaxel vs. docetaxel alone) and the mostly completed randomized P2 trial for 427 in prostate and didn't see liver tox listed as a side effect. I take that to mean that whatever side effect issues may have arisen in the mipo trial (aside from infusion reactions) are specific to mipo and not relevant to OGXI.

      But whether justified or not there seems for the moment at least to be a small cloud surrounding ISIS' 2nd gen oligos and that could act as a damper on OGXI's pps until the 011 SYNERGY trial results are known. Hope I'm wrong about that, and would welcome the thoughts of someone who actually knows something about ISIS.

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      • Correction: the concern that was expressed by one panelist about mipo and 2nd gen oligos in general, and that Crooke in the CC insisted was totally unsupported by the clinical data, was not that they're "immunostimulatory" but that they're "pro-inflammatory." Obviously two completely different concepts, and I apologize for the brain cramp. But the conclusion to be drawn IMO is the same: no reason to worry that mipo's side effects will carry over to other 2nd oligos such as 011 and 427.

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