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  • howardmorris howardmorris Nov 28, 2012 12:30 PM Flag

    Clusterin and AZ

    lol, I'm not sure 14 people understand the science (well, not investors). I think the moves we see on VERY low volume are just market-makers doing their job. Light trading has a lot to do with little proof-of-concept except for Mipomersin. More proof = more interest = more investors = higher volumes...probably.

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    • I still think MDVN provides the best road map for OGXN. MDVN had 3 solid weeks following enrollment completion announcement and a new trend was started it does not take a lot of dough to move this name in either direction the shorts have been reducing their exposure and this is a positive sign IMO as they are usually better informed than you and me.

    • I heard the same - something to do with ability of ASO drugs to cross blood brain barrier. Extent of my knowledge. I hope all is well Howard. Lets hope this stock creeps up in 2013.

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      • as a rule ISIS AS drugs don't cross the BBB. It's an advantage in limiting side effects and for some of the neuro drugs they're testing are with intrathecal administration. Should be irrelevant for OGXI. Also the negativity about mipomersen should be pretty irrelevant as well since for treating cancers with a limited number of IV infusions it should be absolutely fine. Mipomersen is a drug that will be taken for life. Most of the negativity about the drug which I think will do poorly is target related and the concern about possible inflammatory action or the very unlikely tenuous issues raised about cancer are again completely irrelevant to OGXI drugs but will be raised for a drug taken for life as the target related liver issues are. I've said it to some here who thought OGXI would pop with mipo approval I think any effect on OGXI's stock price will be minor whether mipomersen gets approved or not.

      • All is bright and beautiful, Dr. K. I'm hopin' and thinkin' and wishin' and prayin' this stock launches because of proven efficacy in every indication under trial and several that aren't. ANS is targeted medicine at an affordable price. When TEVA bought in and Cormack retained significant sales and milestone interest (like a real company and not a voodoo biotech) I rounded up the rest of my gamblin' money and dropped it here. If it hits I'm gonna buy a sugar plantation south of Miami...
        All the best,

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