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  • ubuy2wron ubuy2wron May 15, 2013 4:38 PM Flag

    13f Filings

    The filings are trickiling in and my suspicions of Fidelity being the seller have been confirmed. They have reduced holdings by almost 500K from Dec 31 to end of March. The uptick in shorting may just be someone front running fidelity or other reasons we will never know until its too late.Two days ago saw the largest non news related volume in 2 years, it may have been fidelity dumping or not again we will not find out until the end of the next quarter. This name is close to the Russell cut off hope mgmt is aware.

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    • Good find. Since the selloff has continued unabated, the next 13F dump will show if Fidelity is responsible for this quarter's downward pressure. However, I'm less concerned with the Who, What, Where, When, or How, and am wondering more about WHY. Why does Fidelity want out when the future is supposedly so bright? Why does OGXI no longer trade in tandem with ISIS? Isis has doubled since 12/31 despite mixed Mipo data while OGXI's share price has ... well, you know ...

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      • We will never know the why for fidelitys actions. It could be benign or not they could be selling because they own ISIS for example or they decided to reduce smaller cap names or a hundred other reasons that have nothing to do with OXGI,s prospects. In does under score one glaring weakness with OXGI that is a complete lack of major buy side coverage.Small cap names can be pushed around there was a bunch of new names who showed up on the buy side . MDVN lost 30 percent of its value before it announced their results.

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