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  • summer2762 summer2762 Nov 13, 2013 10:43 AM Flag


    You used to get research reports. Do you have the latest from Stifel Nicolaus? I would like to understand the reasoning behind this price cut is.

    In the CC, the analyst was not (rightfully) too happy about 21m OS estimate for the control arm. I was wondering if that's the reason.


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    • Hi Summer, I am engaged in some out of town work for a bit, but will ask for the report and let you know. As you might guess, while I am not selling anything, this stock is becoming a pain in the …. I find myself resorting to the philosophy of the Dude, the principle of non-action. I hardly watch the daily action or care about it. But if anyone pees on my carpet, things will change. Stephen

    • Summer -- you think 21 months is too low now? Very recent trial results seem to bear that out. Are you thinking that broader use of new treatments will hike control OS (actually both arms OS) meaningfully?

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      • Sorry to keep butting in on your questions for Summer but hopefully she will respond. It turns out that the 19-20 month average survival from the date of progression (and typical initiation of chemo) that Scott talked about was based on the trials for Zytiga and Xtandi in the pre-chemo space. (That's what he said yesterday at Credit Suisse.) Those patients presumably wouldn't have gotten those agents again post-chemo. But since both agents were originally approved for use post-chemo based on data that they extended survival by about 4 months in that population, the concern might be that OGXI should have added 4 months to the 19-20 month average which would get you well beyond 21 months. OGXI did originally add 4 months to the results from its P2 trial where the controls lived only 16.9 months but those may have been sicker patients than are in the P3.

        Like you, I await Summer's take.

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