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  • jimminyup jimminyup Apr 28, 2010 10:24 AM Flag

    repost of badgers1281

    What people need to understand in this poorly regulated land of hedge funds and pink sheet stocks is that it's a rigged game. We can't rely on the SEC to protect us because they either don't have the staff or the political will to go up against the financial institutions that are behind most funds. Companies/SH's need to: (1)take legal action,investigate suspicious news story reporters, stock message board bashers, etc. to make it clear that they won't be an easy target (2) they can also set "short traps"( traps can be a series of pre-planned PR's, dividend declarations, etc - that are not fluff but actual news driven, positive results driven PR's timed to create the most havoc for anyone shorting). Otherwise we are at the mercy of these manipulators - who aren't at all bothered by working outside of the law because they know that the odds of being caught are slim with most pinks - not having the money or resolve to address it. There aren't short squeezes because they work in concert with the brokerage houses & MM's often times without having to have actually had to borrow shares to short(naked shorts). They do raids like we saw over the last several weeks. They give the impression of pending news, whispered rumors(Chicago BOT rumor) etc. all designed to artificially raise($1.48) so they can sell it short. Then they work in tandem with news outlets like the Streetsweeper, paid bashers, MM's, & brokerage houses to create fear and artificially drive the SP back down ($.56) - where they cover their manufactured short bet - all within 1-10 days typically. If they don't see any hurdles from the company or SH's it's easy to "rinse & repeat" . . . we could be in the midst of a rinse & repeat right now. All the more reason to make it difficult for them with aggressive action by the company and our Harvard led BOD. Go get-em Bret! All IMHO.

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    • Thanks! Now I understand.

    • The CEO is doing what is best for the business, first and foremost. The pps will follow based on those actions.

    • I've never said that I thought it would go back to .01 or .10 or .20 for that matter. I did say, I thought it would fall back significantly if news of Production orders isn't released.
      It would be good for your pps, if the pink sheet warning "Stop, no information" was removed

    • I think lately the # of . . . .POS, I'll buy back at .01, stinky pinky, scam/scum, posts more than drown out any zoom, $169 going to the moon posts - one of the two camps will be right and it will depend on whether Bret & Co. can execute business plan and capture market share - how much market share will determine the SP. I've placed my bet that they will capture enough market share to drive a SP of between $15-$100 in the next 5 yrs - and no posts here will influence my perspective. If you're in the camp that believes it's going back to .01 - you've placed your bet there - - LOL . . . but I think most of those that say that are just trying to pry loose a few shares at a discount - good luck with that! - LOL.

    • lol
      There's many who have done just that

    • Yeah, they're trying to set a record for staying in business without making any money. I wish I could do that. My business had to make a profit from the very beginning in order to sustain itself. Maybe I should have gone public and I could just sell stock for 20+ years.

    • I certainly hope so, since I retain my core position while trading.
      But we know that the EPA is favoring qPCR as the rapid detection with culture methods in a secondary role probably as backup, confirmation and calibration.
      Of course, I would be happy with Any publicly announced production orders even a minor one. This has just drug on to long now

    • I think the details are still being worked out and that's why we haven't seen a PR yet. When it comes you better be strapped in.

    • And do you think endless cries of zoooom, $169, somebody in Hubbard is hiring a bookkeeper is a good find, The epa gave us a loi so they are going to use millions of our product, no news means secret production deals, blind trust are a good thing?

    • exactly - there you go . . . you're not as dense as you pretend to be! LOL. Along those lines no one should care about your selling opportunities - or any trades that you do or don't make. Don't you wonder why anyone either buying or selling feels compelled to come on a public message board and announce what they bought or sold and when? I mean really . . . do they think anyone cares?

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