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  • LongPicker LongPicker Sep 16, 2010 8:55 PM Flag

    Anybody with cold feet...

    Should just go back and reread the Update section of the Nanologix website. Solid news abound, and more coming any minute!

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    • You are asking about the board member of what company, what is their name, and what causes you to think they have so many shares?

    • So what does it know that persuaded it to buy into Nano? If I thought that they would tell me I would call them in a heartbeat.>>

      I got another idea why not ask the board member who owns a buttload of shares of a pink sheet company, you wonder about a fund yet never crossed your mind about him ?

      Tell me if you had his money would you invest that much with what you know about NNLX now ??

      Sounds weird to me. Yet, I'm the only one who on this board even raised an eyebrow to it. You wonder about a fund and not individuals ??

    • "No one is right all the time." No one is saying anything different. I am just saying that all things being equal, who would you trust to make the right investment decision. The professsionals at Marathon Capital or someone posting 24/7 on a message board dedicated to a stock they claim to neither own or short.

      For that matter, take a gander at Marathon's other holdings. Some say that NNLX is its only pink sheet and I don't know if that is true or not. Check it out if you care. Looking at the list, though, it doesn't seem thatn Marathon is in the habit of invesing in high risk stocks. So what does it know that persuaded it to buy into Nano? If I thought that they would tell me I would call them in a heartbeat.

    • Thank you for correcting me as you are correct about the most recent reported share count being 4,687,800 which isn't much less then the next most recent one of 4,801,600. I would call selling slightly over 2% of holdings over a 6 month period very little selling and we all know that funds have had to sell investients they prefer to keep for various reasons, like meeting fund holders cashouts.

    • Looks like they are holding 1million share of TSYS and that 2 year chart isn't pretty. Just saying.

      Maybe they just opened a position if not they road it down rather far.

    • Ok, here is a link to that fund, a lot of red and green.

    • There is nothing silly about asking why Marthon holds nearly 4 million shares. Anyone but a fool, and even true, would read the the question to mean why they bought them and the only logical answer being to make money.>>

      Oh come on, everyone who buys a share intents to make money doesn't mean their choice is a wise one. I hope it is, it's speculating on something, remember this is a penny stock, there is uncertainty out there especially with full-scale production expected any day now has gone past 3 months. No one is right all the time.

    • Marathon has 4,687,800 shares
      I think you got the value mixed up with the share count , but regardless you make a good point about why to buy a stock. The money’s not made until you sell and they’ve been doing a little of that.

    • Marathon Capital LLC invests primarily in energy companies, including Oil and Gas companies. Knowing that the senior management of NNLX was formerly in this field perhaps there still are some contacts there.

      Obviously somebody was listening.

      Does Devonian Partners LLC ring a bell for anyone on here?

    • tell me why Marathon Capitol holds 3,837,300 shares of NNLX.

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