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  • lockshed2002 lockshed2002 Jan 19, 2011 8:49 PM Flag

    4th Conference exhibit? May/ASM/New Orleans?

    "Here's another projection for you: Given there is no indication of high-volume commercial sales yet, I think the company will have to print additional shares this year to raise more cash. Yes, a necessary evil since sales haven't developed anywhere nearly as quickly as the company expected."

    Wow, Klip, again, more bulletin board fodder? You are really putting yourself out there. Are you trying to become the new poster board child for what you do best, copy...paste...copy....paste.

    Hey seriously, didn't the company say not too long ago that they had enough cash on hand for 3 years of operations. Why no link for that in your slanted and biased post?

    Oh, and what about this from Dr. Faro.

    Typically, if a patient comes into the emergency room in labor and you don’t know if she carries GBS, you have to treat her with antibiotics,” said Jonathan Faro, M.D., PhD., chief resident in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, part of UTHealth. “Everyone is concerned that the overuse of antibiotics is leading to greater resistance to them. A more rapid test could transform this practice, allowing us to cut down on the indiscriminate use of antibiotics, which saves money and avoids any potential adverse reactions that patients may have to them.”

    So if I did have a private chat with Barnhizer and he did confirm that the quick test kits do address antiobiotic sensitivities, would he not have pretty much been echoing with Dr. Faro said a couple months ago in this excerpt? You might say Dr. Faro was simply saying the test can detect GBS rapidly. But so can PCR right? So why the NanoLogix quick test kits? I believe because they address antibiotic sensitity. Kind of an all in one process, where PCR falls short. PCR, you go the broad spectrum antibiotic route. NanoLogix, you get specific. At least that is my understanding of it. Surely the TMC must see some benefit in conducting the clinical trial and adding MRSA to the docket as well as E Coli and Pseudomonas. I am on to something here?

    Klip, I encourage you and some others to let the past and timelines go. I understand how it is ingrained into your thought process about this stock, but what is most important now is the results from TMC and how/when they will be translated into sales. The stock price is irrelevant at this time as long as the company is progressing, emotions about daily fluctuations and oscillations in PPS must be overlooked for the greater outlook of the company as a whole and what impact it can have on the industry and most importantly, saving lives. For Omar to continue to question production and to post pictures of tracks in the snow and question more is ridiculous. If successful, (which I think they will be), the study at TMC is a gateway to sales. EPA is a gateway to sales. Kuwait is a gateway to a gateway to sales.

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