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  • jasonadamaz jasonadamaz Mar 25, 2011 9:16 AM Flag


    For all you super-longs, I have a question.

    I would like to your your opinion on what happened to some people in the company from 2009.

    I read all the 2009 press releases on the website. What ever happened to Robert Ollar, Jeff Long, Hilda Diaz, Chris Novak, NanoLogix Director of Intellectual Property and the relationship with CL solutions.

    I am curious to learn the history of the company what happened to the 2009 scientific board.

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    • <<you either have a reading comprehension problem or you are just so utterly psychotic you can't remember I will repost this for you. Enjoy:>>

      It appears you have both a reading comprehension problem and a truth problem, badbilly. What you clearly don't have, is anything to add to the conversation about the company or the technology. Enjoy, indeed!

      "I apologize to the board for my rants to these children. From this point forward I vow to post only in the context of the company. I appreciate the contributions of all longs here and don't want your insight to be lost. Please continue with your thoughts and we should all try to ignore these cretins. They more we respond, the more they have a forum to rant. You have my word and again I apologize to the board."

      While we can't count on you to keep your word, you can always be counted on for juvenile namecalling. Attaboy!

    • Does his mean you won't e-mail about the employees at the Hubbard Facility ? If you're so happy and rich and things don't matter why not e-mail the company just for the heck of it ?

    • Now everyone ask yourself why would Badbilly not do something as simple as I ask ? Is he afraid of what he might hear ? Doesn't sound like someone confident in the company does it ?

      Badbilly e-mail the company and ask and I will post my response I got from the company. It's seems very fair thing to do.

    • Badbilly wrote<<The Stooges are working overtime today. Shemp has joined the other three.>>

      This is the best you can offer for the board ??

      Here is an idea go e-mail the company and ask how many employees are working at the Hubbard facility !

      I've done it and got a reply, you do the same and we'll compare our replies. It would be interesting for all the board, sharing information like a message board was meant to be. Instead of name calling you like to use it for.

      Willing to try something different ?

    • <<Any doctor or medical lab is free to try the product...hence the "for research use only" restriction...they just cannot make any patient treatment decisions using the product. They would still have to use an FDA approved diagnostic product for that. >>

      I agree and it's likely several big name companies in the sector have done so (Hint: Remember the company names mentioned during the last shareholders meeting way back in '09). Among other things, it's a good way to evaluate the practicalities of usage (e.g., required membrane transfer environment and the hands-on/non-automated component of process).

      And yes, the info some big players almost certainly already have should eventually come out once the TMC trial is done and the results are finally published. This, IMO, will help shed more light on how broadly and quickly the technology is adopted in the medical diagnostic sector as the CEO outlined in the latest MLO article. Once cleared for medical usage, marketing and sales will require, again IMO, substantial resources and time.

    • I know that at least one of the persons named is no longer associated with the company, having been replaced by someone thought to be either more qualified or more closely in tune with philosophy of current management, or some combination of the two. I would not read into it anything dangerous to the potential success of the company. It's not my place to say more than that.

    • Jason and War- the other day I was sitting next to an young lady who in chit chat I found works for the Navy taking specimens and specifically identifying E.coli from patients. I asked if they used petri dished and she said yes, then I asked how long they wait for results and she said "not that long, just overnight."
      With that I whipped out my iPad and showed her the Nanologix site and she was all Wow!! And started writing some notes down right away.
      I still believe it is simply a matter of time until the test kits gain traction in the marketplace.

    • Everyone relax, the compnay is aware of all this FDA approval issues and they are working all this approval process.

      But believe me - every doctor wants faster cultures. Every hospital wants faster cultures at a low price. It is not going to be hard to sell this once it gets all its approval. It will sell itself.

    • All I know is that I think the test is great - the uses for the BNP are incredible. Every doctor I talk to thinks it is awesome and would use it almost exclusively
      Interesting stuff Commish!

    • I thought the FDA could provide waivers for some who had a potential life threatening disease/infection? Couldn't you try it under those situations?

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