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  • the_rail_splitter the_rail_splitter Jul 19, 2011 11:54 AM Flag

    Nanologix Presentation

    Nanologix is presenting at:

    "The Central Association of Obstetricians and Gynecologists... [it is] one of the oldest and most prestigious obstetrics and gynecology associations in the country, and was a founding organization of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 1951."

    Anyone catch that? Oldest and most prestigious...

    So let's see... One of the leading doctors in OBGYN wants to take part in studying our technology. We are presenting to 800 physicians at one of the oldest and most prestigious conferences. We have a myriad of relationships with some of the biggest institutions including the TMC, EPA, Navy, Army, USDA, a major food processing company and a major biodefense company. We also have a relationship with AMGKWT in the Middle East for the testing, marketing, and production of our products.

    You'd be ill-pressed to find another pinksheet company that could boast the kind of relationships and achievements that Nanologix has/had.

    This is a special company with a special product that will change medicine and save countless lives.

    I'll side with the medical professionals and world class institutions on this company and product, not the purportedly "concerned shareholders" who are actually bashers and criminals (if some of them were taken to court they would be sued for defamation as Ohio does not take kindly to false and misleading statements directed at companies).

    (my view/ opinion)

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    • Nano is a screaming buy

    • Hey light bulb, take your medication, enjoy two days of green and chill.

      Buy the way, a bit of insight for you. Folks who are experts do not generally blow their own horn, unlike your self, dig?
      giggle, giggle, ha,ha

    • Parents, just disregard the clown and put him on ignore like I am about to do.

      He is not suing anyone as he is too much of a coward to reveal himself. He enjoys being an anonymous naughty little child on the computer acting tough. His gig is old and frankly, quite stale. The last thing he would do is file any paperwork that would bring his cowardly name into the public domain.

      Like I have said before, we will be the ones that will be able to enjoy our profits with a clear piece of mind as compared to many here who try to lie and distort the truth. It's too bad that they have a seared conscience.

      Have a blessed weekend friend!

    • you going to sue somebody for erroneously referring to you in regard to one of your previous multiple alias's that you hide behind like a coward. that would be a first. the law you study must be ambulance chasing 101 gone bad

    • <<No,actually you answered my question by sidestepping the question again.>>

      For someone who is continually berating others for supposedly being intellectually challenged, you certainly seem to have your own difficulties in that area. Here's the deal: Get together w/your golf buddies you talk about NNLX with, show them your post and my response. If they can't help you out by tomorrow, let me know and I'll provide you w/an answer that even you can understand.

    • <<Yet, as a shareholder of NNLX he has a legitimate reason for posting his opinions here. Glad we got that figured out. I keep forgetting, please explain why are you here again?>>

      You answered your own question-- a question that has previously been asked and answered as well. Please try not to forget again. Regardless, I'm OK w/remaining a "loser" in your eyes, or whatever juvenile names you continually include in your posts that seem to be well-received by some folks here of similar arrested development.

    • <<Yes, PDE personally deleted some posts on yahoo...>>

      Deleted "some" posts? You're uncharacteristically understating your effort and the magnitude of posts you wiped out-- not only your own but others linked to them. Also, there's some interesting analysis about folks who frequently refer to themselves in the 3rd person.

      <<3: I wanted to. Per Yahoo, posters are free to post AND delete same if they desire. It's your right - option...>>

      ...and perhaps because Petro thinks he can more easily revise history and otherwise fashion a favorable narrative with tons of his posts disappeared.

      BTW, I truly can understand why fear of legal action prompted the Petro purge. Of course all is retrievable should someone become really serious about such a course of action. Consequently, Petro's purge may have really backfired on him by making it obvious there were things he posted that he rather people not be able to easily access, as evidenced again yesterday.

    • I'm sure there are much more qualified people trying to analyze his actions.

    • erickarther Jul 21, 2011 8:10 AM Flag

      omar ........ all conjecture on your part, most of the time over meaningless dribble. Try not to speak, get some spine in your life, buy a puppy, raise a child, get a clue or go to a library and read a book. In the short of it, GET ENLIGHTEHED ....... good luck omar

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