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  • petro_drilling_engineer petro_drilling_engineer Mar 30, 2012 11:50 AM Flag

    GBS <1 hr poster



    In only my opinion, you are still trying to combine two different things. Why is this?

    First TEST and VET the technology. Per the POSTER, take a known positive sample with GBS Bacteria, apply the new protocol, and confirm one can get results. That is ALL. One has to start with known samples, as a negative sample should never give a positive result, false positives aside. Prove the protocol - technology works with known positive samples! Getting results in record time is a huge bonus!

    Secondly, continue with the +300 patient using samples from women, with both the traditional aka gold standard petrie dish, and secondly with NNLX technology. This STUDY is simply done to compare the results obtained with NNLX technology verse the petrie dish, time to detection being one of the tracked results, accuracy another, etc.

    Believe TMC wanted to prepare and present the poster with things they have learned and proved while working on the GBS Clinical Study with Nanologix technology. Have no clue if they have changed the testing protocol for the study. Seems one would either have to stay with the protocol you start with, or re-test all the samples if they saved them, if they wanted to change in the middle of the study. Don't know when they will finish, but looking forward as have several questions. Main one is if they are pushing to use the NNLX technology in day to day use after the study! A few things have to happen before they can do this, but if the experts are saying they want FDA approval so they can use it, then it's a useful advance in medical technology. Seems if we focus on improving medical treatments worldwide, then the dollars should follow.

    Only in my opinion;

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