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    NanoLogix TB Lifesaving Technology and "Bashers'" Motives

    At the beginning of this analysis I want to acknowledge that I am a “long” with a reasonably substantial amount of NanoLogix (NNLX) shares. I also have no trouble conceding that I have a strong belief in the potential of the company’s technology and in the revolutionary changes it will bring to the diagnostic medical field not only in the US and Europe but in areas with limited access to medical care. The NNLX technology also has some important niches in strategic defense in areas such as anthrax and other biological weapons. While, like other long holders, I wish that events would have allowed the company’s development to move more quickly than has been the case, I also have studied in depth the information about the Company on its website and in the form of journal articles and other publicly available data. There are several clear strategic messages that emerge from the data, the reports, the partnerships with the Texas Medical system and the Environmental Protection Agency and an unnamed research laboratory system that one can pretty much figure out if you read the available materials.

    This information causes me to form several judgments about the NanoLogix technology and the directions NNLX will head. The first conclusion is that the Company really does have a powerful set of technologies that will revolutionize the medical diagnostic field on numerous levels. The technology also has significant potential in areas of possible terrorist attacks. One of the key attributes of the NNLX technology is its “low tech” nature. This allows widespread use in locations that need the diagnostic information provided by the technology but lack access to expensive diagnostic machinery of the kind that currently dominates the field. It is also a testing methodology in which training in use is easy and inexpensive.

    I am not a medical professional but if you have been paying attention to world health developments you are aware that, as suggested above, much of the world is experiencing the beginning stages of a tuberculosis health care crisis. TB is spreading rapidly in countries such as India and locations in Africa and areas of Asia. The ability of the BNP and BNF diagnostic tools to dramatically shorten the time within which tuberculosis can be reliably identified offers a monumental advance in the ability of health care providers to identify those who have been exposed and allow early intervention. BNP and BNF assist health care professionals in short circuiting the spread of TB by introducing antibiotic treatment sooner and much more effectively. Rather than wait weeks for results as is now necessary, accurate data is returned in a matter of a few days. This reduces the current strategy of using massive doses of antibiotics applied generically during the lengthy period when traditional tests are attempting to determine whether a patient has TB. Large scale administering of antibiotics often end up producing tougher strains of TB since in too many cases the treatment is not followed through to proper conclusion. It also avoids the discharge of antibiotics into the environment.

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