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  • petro_drilling_engineer petro_drilling_engineer Sep 29, 2012 6:38 PM Flag

    Armchair CEO's - What's YOUR plan for Marketing?


    Since there are a few on here being vocal that they aren't happy with how the current CEO runs the company; please advise how others would do even one component. How would you handle Marketing - Sales for current products?

    Would others hire a sales staff, fly-drive around the USA or world, making sales calls on hospitals, etc?

    Would you list on Ali Baba or similar site? Try a search for Petrie Dish and see how may sources one can find in a few seconds, or similar online marketing?

    Am not a marketing - sales professional, so maybe others with these skills - experience reply, along with all the experts that have never marketed anything...

    Do not personally know what the company has planned and this is NOT an attempt to gather input to pass on to anyone for anything. Simply curious as have seen posts that others aren't happy since the company has not yet communicated it's plan.

    Enjoy the weekend;

    P.S. Sorry in advance if this contains any spelling or grammar errors! ;-)

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    • get cGMP certification.

    • get cGMP certification.

    • PDE,

      I know you ask from the standpoint of what would you do in this case however I dont see it as what would you do or we do if in Bretts position. Its not about the marketing plan but rather an informed update as to the direction and health of the company. Come on as a PIPE investor you arent concerned at all?

      As we cross the chasm and move from R&D to revenue there should be updates in either a shareholders meeting or quarterly calls. There are too many unanswered questions I have as well as other investors. There has been shareholder meeting canceled, production promised, FDA deadlines either missed or no needed, mention of intentions to start marketing and sales, people leaving the organizations, new people joining and still we are kept in the dark.

      As an investor dont you think it would be smart to better understand your investment. Pinky of not this is a public company that we all share ownership in. I feel that there has been a lot of progress yes but still more to go. Why shouldnt Brett have to answer the hard questions, why delays, what is marketing plan and sales plans. What are your goals this year. I think we all what to know. The vague releases arent as transparent as they seem. There is so much not being addressed. They dont have to let all the cats out of the bag but give us an understanding of the developments and how we plan to grow the company as we move into this next phase.

      Give me some confidence Brett you actually know what you are doing. To many hiccups not to be concerned at this point.

      I just want answers.

    • "How would you handle Marketing - Sales for current products?"

      It would help to identify these so called "current products". Specifically, which are the ones of which you speak and what is your understanding of why they aren't currently being marketed, PDE? It isn't clear to me that any are marketable.

    • Nobody will buy the NNLX product if there are no product liability insurance or back by a company of significent assets. We know it would take hundreds of millions to conduct an independent test/ceritifcation for a typical clinical drug or procedure. NNLX chose to let independent research laboratories such as U. of Texas to do the testing- at the mercy of outside parties.
      1) Sell the product or company to a big company to obtain the necessary liability insurance.
      2) While waiting for U. Taxas to finish their tests, market the product as early diagnostic/testing indicator to complement the proven, slowler methods. or non-critical areas where product liability insurance is easier and lesscostly to obtain.

      Sentiment: Hold

    • PDE, I am not sure the purpose of your question. I am a seasoned marketing professional and also spent 4 years in medical devices, including applications for 510k exempt status. (Clearly, the whole FDA thing at NNLX has been very poorly communicated. And I am guessing, as novices, they didn't know what they were doing and got poor advice.) I wouldn't purport to know the best marketing plan for NNLX. I have no idea what is going on beneath the surface and through the diverse market channels they are involved in. One thing for sure. Communication to the shareholders is very bad. And I mean at every level. Which seems inconsistent with reputation of management. Hard to figure.

      We are forced to read tea leaves at this points. I feel like a Kremlinologist in the 50's and 60's, trying to understand what was happening in the USSR top brass by looking at every new picture coming out --- who was in it, who was gone, where were they sitting, etc.

    • What's yours Petro?? Pump hard and sell fast???

      Maybe, just maybe if the company would care to share just a tiny tidbit of their sales and marketing plan, there wouldn't be Sooooo many PO'd shareholders. Maybe, just maybe it might help the share price to climb out of the toilet if the company was just a little bit more forth coming with information.
      Don't you think shareholders are a little tired of hearing well in just a few more months, just few more months, just a few more months.
      Maybe Ol' BADBILLY is right. This company IS starting to sound like just another #$%$ penny stock company. All sizzle and NO steak.

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      • From a business owners point of view and some almost sixty years of learning life's lessons. Be truthful with yourself, your business associates, your clients and your shareholders.

        If you say you're going to have a shareholders meeting then dang-it, have that shareholders meeting, don't come up with some lame excuss for not doing what you promised or not saying anything at all. If there is some other company event that was important enough to mention as a news-worthy event, it is still newsworthy to follow up, be it delayed or achived on time, however, it is not the sign of a concerned manager who fails to mention it again!


        While you can, you don't have to pump while selling shares, this is an ethical choice most shy away from.......


    • sell the company to someone that knows what they are doing

      this has become a joke

    • If I thought something was a clinical trial and then figured out it was a really a Clinical Study after a few years, I would realize I'm in over my head.

      If I thought I needed FDA approval to later realize I didn't, I would sell the company or put someone in charge who knew more than the idiot who didn't know simple things.

      Get Mr. Wheeler to get the best he can for the shareholders if he can't then let someone take over who knows the difference between simple things.

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