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  • scubagallager scubagallager Oct 1, 2012 11:06 AM Flag

    Armchair CEO's - What's YOUR plan for Marketing?


    I know you ask from the standpoint of what would you do in this case however I dont see it as what would you do or we do if in Bretts position. Its not about the marketing plan but rather an informed update as to the direction and health of the company. Come on as a PIPE investor you arent concerned at all?

    As we cross the chasm and move from R&D to revenue there should be updates in either a shareholders meeting or quarterly calls. There are too many unanswered questions I have as well as other investors. There has been shareholder meeting canceled, production promised, FDA deadlines either missed or no needed, mention of intentions to start marketing and sales, people leaving the organizations, new people joining and still we are kept in the dark.

    As an investor dont you think it would be smart to better understand your investment. Pinky of not this is a public company that we all share ownership in. I feel that there has been a lot of progress yes but still more to go. Why shouldnt Brett have to answer the hard questions, why delays, what is marketing plan and sales plans. What are your goals this year. I think we all what to know. The vague releases arent as transparent as they seem. There is so much not being addressed. They dont have to let all the cats out of the bag but give us an understanding of the developments and how we plan to grow the company as we move into this next phase.

    Give me some confidence Brett you actually know what you are doing. To many hiccups not to be concerned at this point.

    I just want answers.

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