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  • uclannlx uclannlx Feb 11, 2013 5:46 PM Flag


    A friend and an investor talked to Bret recently and Bret said the company has never been doing better, the stock price just doesn't reflect it. I just called him myself and he said the same thing. There are alot of positive confidential things going on behind the scenes (he didn't tell me what they were).


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    • Was there any clarity as to why they are removing employees from site?

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      • To give you less reason to complain.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Walker
        You and the rest of the crew need to chill out!!!!!!!!!!

        The hysteria on this board is at an all time high.

        First , Bret and perhaps a few others know what is happen at the company all of what is being said here of late is only speculation so lets keep that in mind.

        Why do you assume that the removal of the employee from this list is extremely bad? I can think of five reasons off the top of my head why they were removed.
        1. Quit
        2. fired
        3. Contract up
        4. Changing job title
        5. temporarly demoted.
        6. Released to bring in sales team.

        Each one of those could be good or bad from the shareholders perspective but not knowing all the facts I could not tell you which is which.

        The transition will take time lets see what the quarter numbers bring.
        Lets see if Bret puts out an operations update shortly. ( This is another thing that has been annoying me the company never stated that we were going to get an operations update let along the fact they never stated a date for it ).
        Lets see the GBS paper publication.
        Lets see what he has going with the marketing campaign.
        This is what we know will be happening shortly lets let it play out before you claim the ship is sinking!!


    • great thanks!

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